End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


19. If you could see me now'

Evie's POV 

Switching to the next track I danced to 'If you could see me now by The Script', this just brought back the conversation about my parents what if they 'saw' me now what would they think.

As I pirouetted and the song hit the chorus I just fell, fell in the middle of the studio floor, I crouched hugging my knees, nobody was here, I could let the tears flow finally... alone listening to the powerful lyrics of the songs relating my past and attempting to fit the puzzle together with how I could contact my parents could I...

"I still look for you're face in the crowd 
oh if you could see me now
would you stand in disgrace or take a bow,
oh if you could see me now"

Tears rolling, my conscience told me 'get up and stop feeling sorry for yourself', so that's what I did. Wiping my damp stained cheeks my head struck in the direction of the door to find a figure running out of the darkness towards me. Stepping back gradually, the figure came into familiarisation. Harry...

Harrys POV

Finishing the track, I wanted to applaud her yet I wanted to keep a hidden cover. 'If you could see me now' began playing through the pounding speakers heavy beat filled the room this contrasted with Evie's apparent sadness. Concerned, I began to contemplate whether I should go in and cheer her up from what ever played on her system.

In the middle of the chorus she broke down, literally, collapsing to the floor, my body raised barging through the doors. As her vision flicked in my direction, she began to back away worried of who the identity of the moving figure was.

Finally, she realised running to me embracing me with rolling tears staining my rolling stones t-shirt. "Shhshh... cmon, what's wrong" innocently peering up at me with watery eyes.

"Why are you here, I left you pancakes and you need to sleep". Lightly chuckling about the pancake statement, I replied "I was worried that's why and I think it's important me knowing what's wrong over eating pancakes". 

She weakly smiled "that's what I like to see" I said as I saw her flash a quick bean of happiness. Hitting me lightly on my abs, she stated "You so corny" she sat down and I imitated her bring her onto my lap.

"What's wrong?" I repeated. "I-It's just my parents being with you... it brings memories back.. no no not bad" lightly stroking the back of my neck "but just you inspire me to actually talk to them.. confront them... I don't know". "You need time to think, just don't let it get you down lets go home and come back for rehearsals later" I stated tucking a piece of loose hair behind her pierced ear.

Opening her apartment door we slept a further hour, waking at 7. After Evie's cute demand  and tantrum for pancakes making me laugh... a lot , we travelled to the Pineapple dance studios to meet the boys...



Thanks for reading :) I know it was a short chapter there's a bit of drama but the next chapters are finally including most of boys from 1D yayyy.

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