End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


4. Green light

Refreshing water droplets grazed my plump cheekbones, as I peered at the reflection in the mirror I realised I am becoming more  complete and confident about myself as the days pass. Today was the day of dancing in front of an unknown successful boy band. Although I was slightly confident about how I looked, I still wanted to impress the undiscovered band, therefore I applied some make up. 

Mascara I thought to myself, (though prominent naturally long lashes already frame my deep bold blue eyes), my favourite dark glossy pink lips gloss and dream matte powder the cover the slight circles drooping from under my wide eyes. Figuring there was a lot of whipping my hair around in the dance choreography I hesitantly curled  my hair. I decided to leave my golden blonde hair down which proceeded to the bottom of my back. 

Today I critically picked out some more alluring dance wear: a cotton black leotard with thin straps and a very low back, skin nude tights, black leather hot pants and obviously black dance shoes.

Confidence now higher I locked my front door, and threw my dance bag over my shoulder walking to the drivers seat of my beetle.

In attempt to calm myself down I pulled my hood to my convertible down, freeing my locks into the fresh London air. As I pulled up to my usual spot in the car park, I drew the roof up and took a deep breathe persuading myself its going to be a normal day. Pondering to myself trying to figure who the mystery band was I woke myself up from my day dream in realisation that I will be late if I carried on any longer.

Entering the dance studio I removed my favourite leather jacket and began to stretch, listening to the music playing quietly over the prominent voice of miss Sheridan. For the second time today I analysed my slender silhouette in the big mirror covering the whole wall.

*Half and hour later into rehearsals*

Fortunately my sweat wasn't visible though I was fully warmed up. Through out the course of rehearsals we have been learning and training for an amazing dance to the song 'End of time by Beyonce'  (what were performing to prove our standards to the boy band). Typically the genre of the dance is hip hop consisting of alluring moves that strike and pop to the heavy beats of the music. Ready, I spent the next 10 minutes getting in the right state of mind and blatently waiting for 'them' to arrive.

Beyonce, though a singer inspires me and is top on my Ipod as it is a general hobby of mine to make up dances to Beyonce songs.

Open mind, open eyes, maintaining focus the boy band entered, they were called 'One Direction' I heard of them and familiarised myself with their identities as their great presence warmed the room. Warming meaning nerves and adrenaline of my fellow dancers and I have to admit... me. 



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