End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


24. Faded to black


Evie's POV

Recently, I been woken up with Harry sprawled over me, yet this morning I was left alone in the sheets. As my brain came into reality, I finally remembered last night, the worrying tension Harry held against me, the narrowing of his eyes and the grouchy sharp attitude. I grew annoyed and almost angry as I peeked through hooded eyes to discover Harry actually never came back to bed like he said he would. 

Wondering whether I was going to regret searching for him, I crept through to my open planned kitchen/dining area/front room, to find him shirtless on the sofa covered in a thin blanket, what did I do for him not to want to be with me?

I don't want things to get worse with my life, it was just starting to get better. Doing what I do with every other situation I don't want to face, I decided to leave Harry in his slumber hoping he would be in a better, less-touchy mood than if I woke him. Taking a last look at him sleeping, I came to notice he didn't look as peaceful, or happy as he usually does. With me. His mouth and eyebrows were etched with a frown.

Leaving him a note, I know cowardly, I decide to inform him I am going for a morning run making sure I stated "why he was acting the way he did", I know I should ask him not on a piece of worthless paper but maybe I am reading into things too much. Maybe he just wasn't in a good mood.

Harry's POV

Groaning at my loudest, last night flooded into my head, the call, the other call and her. Evie. My mum rang me last night while Evie was phoning her parents.

She told me my father was back, the man I hate most, when ever he is back around he's always here for a reason looking for trouble is what I say, lord only knows why he's back this time.

When he is here, I have phases where I hate everything and everyone, I just have no idea how I will act around Evie, she seemed hurt about my mood but she doesn't know anything, no one does but me and my mother, I just don't want to ruin things. 

Unaware of how I am going to act around her, I decide on confronting Evie about last night, just to talk. I hesitantly made my way to her room, the dim morning light from behind her curtains made it clear enough to tell me she wasn't here. Not this again.

Searching once again, she was nowhere, I began to get increasingly angry, how could she just leave this situation as if nothing happened, this time I couldn't even find any evidence of her absence. Where. Is. She?

Evie's POV

Sweating away my problems, my run ususally clears my thoughts but this time my mind isn't as clear, I don't feel refreshed.  I don't know if Harry is awake yet what am I supposed to say, how is he going to act, he better not be in the foul mood he was last night. Just as I let the bobble loose in my hair as I stepped through the door I saw Harry's eyes turn to me as he raised to his feet from my cushioned hanging egg chair not saying a word. This cant be good.

Harry's POV

"Where did you go? you know you can't just leave without telling me, do you even know how worried I was, you didn't even bother to call me, or to text me maybe? Do you know how it feels to be alone?" as soon as the words escaped my mouth I immediately regretted them, I remembered how she told me she has been alone for a long time.

"Excuse me for going on a run, and I did leave you a note and yes I do know how it feels to be lonely for what? 4 years, you don't know how it really feels Harry, why are you so angry all of a sudden?" she retaliated.

"You left me a tiny piece of paper and expect me to find it? and yes I'm fine. Obviously just fine." I huffed  and returned to sitting back on the sofa.

Evie's POV

"Harry what have I done that is so wrong? I left for a morning run and I wrote on paper because I care, you blatantly don't feel the same for me any more" Anger flashed through his orbs as he raised back again and turned muscles and jaw tensing in frustration.

"Don't say I don't care about you, you know damn well how I feel!" He criticizes me, frustration takes over me "NO! No Harry I don't know how you feel, do you expect me to walk through a door mid morning and know what's in you're head. I don't think so!"

Just as I finished my speech I felt my eyes warm with fresh tears. "Why have you changed?" I whispered whilst wiping the wetness of my cheek. As he calmed only slightly, he replied in a normal volume and tone "I'm leaving". "What? Harry you need to tell me what's wro..." I was rudely interrupted by the door slamming in my face. 

Sliding down the door, I am so confused about what just happened, he just told me he was leaving, I hope that only means for now. Anger, confusion and sadness flooded my mind what do I do next. 

Evening came near, all I did all day was sit bed with 'The Notebook' on my flat screen with popcorn... and tissues. I hadn't checked my phone yet, I can't imagine the amount of missed calls I have from him, If Harry wants to explain himself he can do it face to face.

Finishing the film, it just made me want him even more, his curls, his.. eyes.. no stop Evie you're meant to be annoyed.I still love him after all but what can I say, I did nothing wrong... I think. I decided to go to the store to fetch some more protein shakes. I hope I don't see him if he's still in this childish mood.

Driving down to the store, the radio burst into action, "I saw in the corner there is a photograph, no doubt in my mind it's a picture of you, it lies there alone in it's bed of broken glass, this bed was never made for two-- Don't let me, don't let me , don't let me go cause I'm tired of felling alone" concentrating on the lyrics, as the song came to it's finish, I recognised the voice. It can't be him, my thoughts were confirmed as the radio DJ announced "and that was the new  hit song from star Harry Styles 'Don't let me go'"

I stalled in the car park as a hot tear trickled, he made a song? how can he be tired of feeling alone this doesn't make sense. Why was it called 'don't let me go' he was the one who made everything this way. I don't understand

Returning to my car with the shakes, I dropped onto the steering wheel to hide my swollen eyes caused from the song, honking the horn accidentally, I just want everything to be how it was but when I go to try for the phone to hear his voice my mind freezes, I have no idea what to say.

Lost in deep thought, not realising where I was taking myself, my steering wheel moved under my hands, I couldn't gain control of it... of anything. It seemed as if the car was driving itself as it decided to completely swerve. As my head jolted in every direction, my heart raced as  I could just distinguish another car speeding towards me. Before I could turn the vehicle or do anything, everything stopped, my eyes and mind just faded to black.

Harry's POV 

"Yes Mum, can you just make sure all the doors and windows are locked.. I know but... yeah...okay..love you. Keep safe..." Ending the phone call I was worried for my mother, my Dad who I don't even consider a family member since I was a child could easily walk through my mum's door any time he wants and do something bad to her.

My whole body tenses at the thought. My Dad is a prisoner, my Mum lives far away from me so I can't protect her how I used to and Evie just doesn't understand she can go and live with her perfect family. She could have at least thought to herself 'Harry looks sad lets not yell at him' but no she picked the complete opposite choice.

Just as I put my phone down, my ringtone sprang into life, not looking at the caller ID just in case it was my mum in trouble, the voice was unrecognisable. "Mr Harry Styles is that?" the voice questioned "that's me who is this" I ask. This is weird.

"Hi, yes, it's doctor Waterbridge" this can't be good... "I am calling from a young woman's phone, I am unaware of her name and she has you as her favourites in her contacts so I guess you're pretty close?" A doctor... It must be Evie? Panic struck over me.

"What does she look like?" I speedily say hoping it wasn't her. "Long blonde hair, tall-looking but very petite". "Oh gosh yes I know her, w-what's wrong?" I anticipate. "You see sir she has been in a very severe car accident earlier this evening?" My heart pounded, It's Evie.. my Eve's. Before I could reply I asked where to go or find her whilst getting into my car and abruptly starting the engine. "King's cross hospital, sir". "I'll be there asap" I quickly claimed.

All I could think about as I was speeding along was how hurtful and hateful I have been towards her, of course she doesn't know what's going on, Harry you bloody idiot my conscience tells me.I couldn't hold the tears back any longer as imagined life without her. Will she be physically able to come on tour, or even dance?. I've ruined her dream.

Oh god Harry it's all you're fault I fought in myself. Sprinting to the hospital entrance the smell of antibacterial hand wash filled my nostrils as I asked for the room number and her name at the front desk. "Room 110 Sir" she told me. I thanked her and literally ran to my destination.

Peeking through room 110, I couldn't tell if it was my Eve's or not, she was camouflaged with cuts and bruises, I wanted to apologise, wrap her in my arms, hold her. "Mr Styles?" the doctor offered his hand out to me I jumped as my head is in shock, so I shook it and asked in my worry filled tone "Can I see her? What's wrong? Will she be okay?".

"Well she took a turn for the worse in the ambulance, we've had to put her into a coma as she couldn't breathe without a ventilator, you can see her now."

What?. All I could do was burst through the doors and tenderly wrap my fingers in hers and gently whisper in her ear "I'm here... everything is gonna be fine.. come on wake up babe... wake up. Please." Nothing I said or did brought her around. I stayed. All night and spoke with her -to myself. I cannot leave her, I was the one who caused this mess.



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