End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


5. Eyes.

Big Electric fans were place in front of us, as were the 5 members of one direction. Primarily, when the 5 guys walked in I only really saw one, his hair hung in tousled chocolate brown locks which contrasted with the vibrancy of his ocean blue yet jade and emerald eyes. Eyes that's all I could think when I saw him, they were almost as powerful as the dance I was about to perform to him. Hiding in the corner I stepped out of the dark and began to stretch my leg to my head as I saw his emeralds scan the room. My stomach flipped when he darted his eyes towards me just as he did he suddenly dropped his coat as I dropped my leg as if he was in utter disbelief or shock of what he had just witnessed. 

Harry's POV

Louis pushed me through the doors, literally he was so hyped about watching the dancers, I briskly walked through the glass doors searching around the heated room, searching for somewhere to put my coat when I witnessed a figure step out of the stretch flexibly into the natural light filling the room.

It was her eyes, they lit up her whole face, stunning, vivid blue eyes gazed at me as I copied this following action. At this moment in time, I didn't know what to do she was so beautiful and stunning and suddenly, me being me, I dropped my coat, great. Cheekily I threw a wink at her as I casually picked my coat up threw it in the corner and travelled across the room to my assigned seat my eyes not once freeing her gaze.

"Evie, miss Sheridan here" a woman snapping in her face rudely interrupting our gaze we had going on. "Evie" what a beautiful name, I analysed it matching her face with it. Minimising the space between them I gathered the clicking woman was her dance teacher, they appeared to be getting deep in conversation when Evie formed dimples in her cheeks. Adorable, this made the chill in my spine travel up and down repeatedly. 

Evie's POV

Winking at me, he made his way over to his seat , sitting on the chair that spoke 'Harry' in bold letters. Longingly gazing at each other, the moment was ruined when miss Sheridan clicked several times, blocking the view of Harry. I turned to her as she began to speak. "I have to stay focus" I repeated even though I could feel Harry hadn't lost his eye contact with me... I could feel his eyes on me. "Now Evie I am unaware of why you aren't as focused today, you need to get this place, I am rooting in you, you have developed the furthest in your skills out of every female dancer here I expect to see those skills in your dance today, loose yourself in dance. Now what do you say? requesting my answer...

"Give it everything" I said with as much enthusiasm as possible smiling as I replied.

I could still feel his eyes though I could feel him in the room without even looking.

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