End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


7. crumpled paper

Strongly holding my finishing position, you could clearly figure the speed of my rising and falling chest matching with my beaming smile that was boldly framed with glossy pink lips. 

Closing my eyes showing my appreciation of the applause coming from the boy judges, I moved out of my finishing position gently brushing my fingers through my hair and volumising it, I pulled  my long, still wavy thick blonde locks over the front of my sharp shoulder blades; reaching now down to my belly button. Returning to my previous place in the line, an even bigger smile played on my lips as I noticed Harry was giving me constant cheeky winks, licking his lips as he walked up closer to us with the other boys.

"Truthfully we are just going to discuss how hot you all are but being the good boys we are, I suppose I should say we are going to talk about who were going to pick, without further a do, I must say that was just moving" Louis clapped loudly, causing the majority of the line break out in girly chuckles. Heart pumping, I knew I couldn't do a lot more, as all the one direction members gathered I used my tactical skills as Harry peered back at me one more time, I displayed my tactical skills and winked back at Harry for the first time. Now this was his biggest smile I have witnessed so far...

Rapidly, he whipped his mop of chocolate shining curls into the circle as they deliberated their 5 chosen dancers. "Who's announcing it?" Naill cutely questioned in his thick Irish accent as they proudly strode closer the beating hearts of us. To my surprise Harry confidently stepped forward, eyes interlocking with mine, with a crumpled piece of paper and answered "that would be me", the sensation of  goose bumps travelled up and down my arm at the deep, raspy London accent I was listening to.

Reminding me of that first audition I was longing to succeed, my heart again felt like it was fluttering not only because of the sound of Harry's voice and the fact I may be touring the world with a famous band in a matter of seconds but the fact that I may be about to gain another step of progress of my dream, I couldn't get too caught up in this boy nonsense... but I couldn't let it go... I could't let the thought of him go and we haven't even spoke yet.

"Were not waiting for bloody christmas Harry, HURRY UP!" Louis impatiently spoke making us all laugh once again. "Okay, here goes nothing, sorry if we ruin some of your hopes but... never give up" Harry explained and peered at me worriedly causing my stomach to knot, knowing they haven't picked me... As he un knotted the paper Harry took in a rather deep breath and announced in no particular order.

"Naill's dancer will be, Lila Kennedy. Olivia Grace your with be getting down with Lou, Liam's dancer is Ellie May, Zayn will be dancing with Ava Smith and me well..." Another pause causing my heart to contrast in high anticipation. Harry continued "my partner is Evie Sanders"  My heart stopped, the room was vastly filled with disappointment. but I blocked this out and widened my eyes tightly locking my eyes to Harry's as he largely beamed with his white pearls displayed. I treasured the moment there and then, there were no words to explain my emotions, I was just extatic... 

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