End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


22. call back later darling

*A week later*

Evie's POV

Lifting me into the air, I was caught in his secure arms. Currently we were in rehearsals, we are now half way through learning the choreography to the different dances of the tour and me and Harry are still going strong.

In around 2 weeks, us and the boys are bravely performing their first tour date in the UK and if I'm being perfectly honest, I am so nervous.

"Take a quick break and then we'll finish off the last part of the dance" Miss Sheridan flicked her sweat off her temples jogging to her condensated water bottle.

Pecking my lips softly, Harry carried me bridle style to the water bottle as I mentioned and confirmed to him "Your muscles are growing sweet , must be because you never let me use my legs" I confidently winked as he lightly returned me to the floor.

"That's because I don't want you to hurt yourself, which we all know his a high possibility at all times" He whispered deeply in my ear chuckling. 

Sipping my water, I slipped my golden hair over to my left shoulder and hugged Harry whilst telling him "I'm just gonna take a call, I will be back soon, love you". Pecking my lips as a confirmation, Harry told me not to be long pulling his puppy-eyes trick.

Swinging the studio doors open, the warm summer breeze brushed my hair back out of my face, leaning against the smooth studio doors I studied my keypad on my phone.

Nervous, I thought this would be the right time to phone my mother to tell her my news, after all I didn't want her to know from a random newspaper about my love life and new found career.

Truthfully, I missed my parents, I missed her, at the end of the day, she is my mother. Unaware of how to start the conversation I hesitantly pulled out my IPhone and dialled in a number my fingers didn't really recognise.

Pressing the 'call' button, a familiar yet distant voice answered "Jane Sanders, who's calling?" Nice to know she kept my number... how supportive.

"Mum?", she paused a second, baffled at the voice she was listening to. Sighing she said "Look Leah, I am in the middle of shopping, call back later darling."

"Err, Mum it's Evie?". Due to her heavy breathing, I could easily acknowledge her panic "W-wh call back later, I'm busy." Hurt, I brought my phone away from my ear to what heard like she almost slammed the phone down.

Sliding down the wall, bringing my knees up to my chest, I buried my head away from the light, letting hot streaked tears tare down my cheeks. 

Harry POV

Over protectively, I warned Eve's not to be long outside. Making me aware she was taking a call, my mind became curious to who was going to be on the other side of the line. Jealousy struck, what if she is talking to someone else, or am I just being paranoid, either way I just have to trust her.

Conversing with Niall, I was beginning to worry, so I confided in Niall "Mate, Eve's has been gone a while do you think something is wrong".

Niall appeared surprised at the sudden change in topic of conversation, but he responded anyway "I wouldn't worry man, there aren't a lot of crazy ass murderers stalking around pineapple studios" he placed a supporting hand to shoulder patting it lightly and turning to Miss Sheridan's demand. 

"Everyone break is over, lets get this done so you can all go home to rest for the early morning rehearsals tomorrow" Panicking I was impatiently waiting for Evie assuring Miss Sheridan "Miss, Evie's not here do you want me to check her?" her response settled me slightly, "No love it's fine, I'm sure she'll be back sooner or later". 

Approximately 5 minutes later, Evie walked through the door's discretely, eyes reddened, wet cheeks, everyone spun around to see a broken-looking Evie. 

Rushing to her side, she let her tears stream jogging to Miss Sheridan first. Worried I had done something wrong, Eve's spoke whilst everyone was intently listening to her shaky words.

Evie's POV

Raising to my feet, I knew Harry would be worried if I maintained my spot any longer so I pushed the studio doors open to find everyone turning to stare right at me.

Yearning for Harry's hug, I wanted to speak with Miss Sheridan first to make sure if my absence would affect the group and most of all Harry.

I spoke "Sorry about this, but can I go home please, something has come up but I will probably be back tomorrow" Miss Sheridan's face dropped, in either disappointment or shock I could really distinguish.

Knowing my background, she simply stated "Go, Harry go with her but make sure she and you are both back tomorrow".

Spinning to face Harry, he looked pained, worry-stricken, I ran up to in whispering in his ear "It's not you that made me feel this way", weakly he smiled kissing my lips rubbing my lower back as I stuffed my belongings in my arms wiping my obvious tears and quickly exiting to save further embarrassment. 

Hopping into Harry's infamous black range rover, he turned in his seat immediately cradling me in his arms, rocking as he questioned "What's happened?.

Replying "I called her, my mum, she hung up on me..." Silence filled the vehicle all could be heard was the occasional sorrowful whimpers escaping my mouth.

After a while of comforting me, Harry brushed the loose locks of blonde hair out of my eyes, wiping the smudges under my eyes and suggesting "everything is going to be okay, look what did she say, before she hung up?"

"Call back later, I'm busy". Suddenly hope flushed through Harry's face he replied "She wants to talk, she wants to hear you again". Grinning, I leaned in slowly kissing him, as I pulled away I said "can we go to mine". Hopeful, Harry entwined our fingers brushing circles slowly into my knuckles



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