End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


17. Ben and Jerry's

Evie POV

Managing half of the tub of Cookie dough, Ben and Jerry's ice cream me and Harry shared, he directed his angelic face towards me and giggled. "What?" I laughed in return and began hiding my face with paranoia, with no verbal reply, he simply swiped the tip of his finger under my bottom lip and cheekily stated "you can't eat anything without spilling it somewhere onto you... but I love that" Winking he finished his sentence. Grinning in return he travelled to the kitchen to return the leftover ice cream to the fridge. Though I felt fine, he insured that I stayed put on the comfy sofa as his only objective was to make my supposed "booboo" recover.

Laying side by side into the thick, fluffly sofa cushions, he engulfed me into himself staring into my eyes, only whispering he 'out of the blue' questioned me "Why do you live alone?" I conversed back replying to the quite challenging question. Inhaling and then deeply sighing "I left home when I was 16, not great qualifications but I suppose enough to get me through." All seeming a distant blur,  the memories rushed back, I hate confiding and letting my guard down about my past, but ... It's, Harry. Forcing the tears back I bit my lip wrapping my spindly arms around harry's relaxed neck tighter so our faces where grazing each other's  Gulping, I continued "My parents... they didn't support me, in fact come to think of it most of my family didn't... but I gained my drive, determination and confidence to follow my dreams through my teachers, most kids hated school but I.... I appreciated it, it's the only way I could be myself and... Dance". Pecking my lips, Harry intently listened and his concentration encouraged me to continue.

"I ran away, to London, I heard this is where you 'dream big', where you find yourself, so I got myself a fitness trainer and a cheap flat with just enough money to pay for the trainer and for my rent, pushing me everyday she told me I was physically ready so I went out, auditioned for dance shiz and finally after a year of several unsuccessful auditions and a part time job in a cafe, I got a placement in Pineapple dance studios and well here I am, about to tour with a famous band, it's been tough... I just wish my parents could see me now" Unexpectedly, I felt a hot tear trickle down my right cheek but instead of previous lonely experience - having to wipe it myself - Harry was there to demolish all sadness, erasing the tear and tilting my head up so he could visualize every aspect of my facial expression.

Confidently, he spoke "I am always here to talk and for support, you're not alone any more you have me sweet, I know I'm not the best but at least I'm some one, so don't get down the past is gone, but why don't you try and contact them... you know tell them you greatest achievement  rub it in a little bit".

As convincing as Harry sounded I weakly looked down and sighed in response though he connected our foreheads and agreed "I promise everything's going to be fine, let's go to bed, don't forget your still living the dream... let's see tomorrow". Beaming, he knows how to cheer me up, I nuzzled my face into his neck huskily whispering a "thank you".

Harry POV

Perfection was what was apparent about Evie's life before she told me this... her past and the heart break she must have experienced, I see dance was her insight to freedom of reality, though corny, she never really had fun is just been "work work work working to the top" without anyone for support, I will be the fun in her life  as she finally has someone. 

Holding back I came into realisation of her distress about this particular subject, she was letting her guard down, causing my heart to melt in the fact that she was trust worthy towards me. A formation of a lump began to form gradually in my throat before I less confidently spoke to Evie "I think I love you" I whispered/ exhaled, surprising myself. Confirming she had heard me right, she detected my gaze, lovingly smiled and whispered in response "me too". 

Falling, I could feel her body relax into mine signifying she was sleeping, though I wasn't going to let her wake up on her sofa, I delicately layed her in her head finally slipping on her knee high socks after her failed attempt earlier. 


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