End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


21. baby pink marshmallows

Evie's POV

Escaping the visibility of the demanding media and continuous flashing lights, I pondered... How does Harry go through that everyday and with my new dance career, will I have to get used to it too!?

Stumbling past the chunky bouncers guarding the wide club doors, I felt tight hands encased to my hips in which to save my clumsy fall.

Much to my gratefulness I spun around to discover the face of Harry laughing whilst shamefully shaking his head, drawing my body close and shouting into my ear to defeat the loud music "Are you okay? Watch your step!". 

Adrenaline kicking in, I sweetly nodded and pecked his dimple forcefully grabbing his arm in excitement and loudly stating "Let's go!". Following the body guards, we bustled through the sweaty dancing silhouettes, the bodyguards surrounding us lead us up into the VIP section. 

Swinging the doors open, the team of bulky security guards revealed a modern style VIP room with no other people in it, it was magically lit up with massive sparkling chandeliers and displayed several retro hanging egg chairs. Squealing, the other dancers ambled in due to their amazement of the overwhelming sight.

Suddenly, my eyes came to a halt from it's observance when I envisaged smooth, delicious looking chocolate pouring out of a large fountain which a variety of fruit and marshmallows were scattered below to dip into the fountain.

Speechless by the luxury I envisaged, me being the absolute pig I was,  I had and urge that controlled me as I eagerly sprinted to the fountain picking the fresh fruits and stuffing in as much as my mouth could manage. Soon enough, my hands were coated with chocolate as were my lips and the end of my nose too.

Bobbing to the charts that were playing in the background, I  filled my already filled cheeks and shovelled yet another baby pink marshmallow painted with chocolate into my messy covered mouth, I endured the taste closing my eyes, though soon enough my eyes sprung open as my weight was spontaneously lifted off of the shiny floor.

A husky tone spread through my body causing goose pimples to automatically form "You better be able to fit your meal in later, I've heard it's gonna be spicy" Harry playfully warned. "Heheh, Hawwy wi whav we wawetite wof waw weasaws" I attempted to translate how 'I had the appetite of Mars' as best as I could to Harry. 

Much to Harry's disappointment I wasn't able to cradle my body into him as he wished as my hands and mouth were unattractively smothered in milk chocolate.

Laughing at my messy and unclear response, he stated "Hahah, w-what was that babe couldn't see past the marshmallows and chocolate that seem to be overloading or should I say invading your mouth".

Chewing fast while he replied to me I widely smiled my chocolatey smile and cheekily chuckled wiping my chocolate coated fingertips onto the tip of Harry's nose whilst he briefly tickled me and whispered "You've got something all over you, well, everywhere on you lemme get it for you". 

Unexpectedly, Harry smashed his mouth against mine making sure he cleared every last spot of chocolate.. well the best he could manage anyway. Licking my fingers that withheld the most chocolate, he hummed against my fingers enduring the taste of the sweet silky chocolate . 

Delicately sitting me onto the white island table behind me, he still held the kiss, holding my body close and wrapping my legs around his waist for support

Breaking the heavy kiss, I hummed in his ear, "You better not be full sweet, were eating later you know" I cleverly retorted Harry's previous comment, whilst Harry licked my chocolatey finger.

Smirking at me, he brushed our noses together before tickling at my sides resulting in us play fighting and almost but luckily not spilling the fountain off of the table.  

Harry's POV

After hanging my coat up, the dancers ambled their way over to different parts of the large room, my first thought was obviously Evie. Turning my head to take Evie's jacket, like the gentleman I am, to my bewilderment she had disappeared.

Narrowing my eyes so I could clearly scan the room, I brushed my curls to the right as my target was set = Evie pigging out over at the chocolate fountain covered in more chocolate and sticky marshmallow than  could ever be imagined.

Chuckling under my breath at her greediness, I planned to sweep her off her feet and remind her of the petite, cute, little pig she is, even though she knows it.  

After 'cleaning her up', we began to play fight as someone's voice caused me and Evie to stop laughing and peer up whilst grinning.

"PDAAA, god you people can't stay away from each other for one bloody minute" Zayn jokily stated whilst pointing his finger at us like a 5 year old kid. 

Raising up to standing level I kindly offered my hand to Eve's pulling her light bodyweight up before lightly patting Zayn's quiff, "Clearly your just jel mate..." I clarified, winking in the process.

"Well what can I say everybody likes a bit of  PDA??" Zayn replied sarcastically batting my hand away from his hair "mind the quiff duuude" as I laughed, he grinned and turned away.

This occurred just as the music's volume was increased by the DJ Malik (Zayn), Eve's and I raced each other to the dance floor to bust some moves to the tune 'Bounce by Iggy Azalea'.

Evie's POV

*Later on in the evening*

Consuming quite a bit of alcohol I was confident enough to go totally crazy in front of everyone, "M--m-m-m make it bounce bounce" I tipsily sung whilst free styling in the middle of the floor and the circle the others had made around me, Harry intently gazed at me clapping his hands in time to the heavy bass of the music. 

Running up to him, he made me laugh loudly as he did the best impression of twirking his bootyy, resulting in me playfully tapping his bum.

Grasping my long fingers into his hand, we eagerly walked hand in hand to one of the retro hanging egg chairs to be alone together,  whilst gradually travelling over, I commented seductively in his ear as he leaned down to me slightly "You have a cray good bum, you should be a professional twirker".

Pulling me down into the egg chair embracing into his lap, his only reply was with a passionate kiss. 




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