End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


26. anti baterial hand wash cologne

"No problem, just remember her medication and don't let her try and walk, all staff have discovered how dangerously ambitious she is" The nurse humorously warned me after we carefully placed her into the passenger seat of my car. 

To my excitement, Evie's been departed from her hospital bed, goose bumps arose as I knew I now have her back to myself with no spontaneous intruding doctors or nurses.

Knowingly, I nodded and smiled agreeing to the nurses statement about Eve's precious determination.

Pulling the door to my black range rover closed, I was surprised by the lack of paparazzi then I remembered how low key Eve's accident has been. For the fifth time I glanced in Evie's direction just to check on her, I have seemed to take this on as a habit, I can't risk loosing her. "You okay babe?" I subconsciously asked most probably repeating myself.

"Thank you for caring sweet, but you really need to stop asking, I promise I will scream if I feel any sort of pain" she chuckled cupping my cheek in her small, cold hand. Half smiling,I gently took her hand from my cheek as I attempted to heat her skin by rubbing both my hands together with hers sandwiched inside. "I know, I just don't want to loose you" I spoke my thoughts as I kissed her lips before starting the car.

Conscious over the lack of security and paparazzi,  we pulled into the street of my apartment whilst she replied "I will never leave you, y'know, not like you're father" I shuddered at the word and my annoyance flicked "Don't call him that!" I snapped before I turned to her realising her sudden flinch under my touch and actually who I was talking to.

Pulling the ignition off, I quickly embraced her terrified she would just fade away. "S-sorry, I didn't mean that Eve's, I just, I'm not used to others knowing Y'know. Sorry." I kissed onto the top of her hair as I then realised she was still tender with pain.

Evie's POV

"Oww, I-it's okay, I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought him up" I shouldn't have, I suppose I'm not used to his reaction, it's non of my business and I even surprised he told me such a life-changing situation.

Lightly he pulled away, though when he did he tenderly cupped my cheeks, I smiled at the gesture as he replied "I need to learn not to be angry with you, I just loose control when I think of..... him" I his eyes darken as he once again thought of his past. "It's okay" I simply replied as he watched me and helped my every step to the sofa whilst gathering my limited belongings.

As he returned I tried to add some humour into the atmosphere, it almost seemed... tense? I he flicked his curls to the side, and came to sit next to me I brushed his the loose strands off of his forehead. "Do you know how I can tell we love each other?" I spontaneously asked. He smiled whilst emeralds lit up as he questioned "How?".

Expecting some long, deep and sensitive answer I simply replied "Because, we both stink of hospitals, I can tell you haven't showered and you know I haven't but some how you're still willing touch my make up smeared face and I'm more than willing to tangle my fingers in your greasy, was soft, knotted curls" I winked and kissed his fingers one by one.

Letting a much needed laugh out Harry playfully nudged my elbow whilst saying "You're beautiful whatever babe and, hey now! I thought you liked the antibacterial hand wash cologne on a guy... am I not right?".

Keeping banter levels high, I sarcastically replied "You're sooooo right babycakess" winking at him.

Unexpectedly he bear hugged me right there and then whilst hotly whispering into my neck "I've missed you..... I've missed this". 

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