End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


2. A pause that felt like eternity

Claiming my spot in the car park of pineapple studios, I made my way backstage to rehearse my dance I was going to perform.

After around 10 minutes, a curvy silhouette announced "Evie sanders please make you way through to the stage, the judges are ready for you". I literally felt like my heart was travelling at the speed as fast as a car would go down the motorway. "Give it everything" I quietly repeated to myself. As I confidently walked to my starting position I put all negative thoughts to the back of my mind. Suddenly the music began, my body flowed yet popped to the beats and bass of the song 'get up' by Ciara. Finishing my dance I beamed as a sign of relief that nothing went wrong, all I wanted the stage to do now was swallow me up so that my  previous nightmare had no way of becoming a reality.

Fiddling with my fingers, I decided on tightly intertwining both hands together and hope for the best.

"Evie Sanders..." This pause felt like eternity "you displayed many distinctive skills, your standards have earned you a placement at pineapple dance studios. Thank you for coming today...congratulations." I responded excitably "thank you so so much I can't believe this". Rapidly making my way backstage I harshly scooped my dance bag up whilst successfully attempting to get my leather jacket on and tug my golden waves from its bun that was previously  placed loosely on top of my head.

Throwing my bag onto the passenger seat, I stopped for a moment crashing my head onto the back of my hand which were draped over the steering wheel I mentally screamed "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!??", rudely I was brought back to the real word by a loud "HONK". I am a serious cluts.

Now thinking at least a bit more straight I automatically thought the next important thing "LEAH!" Leah was my older sister she means a lot to me even though I don't  live with her or  my family because I moved away to persue my dream of becoming a well known dancer. Me and my parents aren't on the best of terms because of me leaving, they had high expectations of me becoming a doctor, I would prefer to be civil with them but they weren't there when I needed them most.

I picked up my phone and dialled Leah's number as I sat in anticipation, I couldn't wait to hear her chirpy voice. To my excitement she answered "Eves, is that you? how are you?!?" 'Eves was a childhood name the majority of my family called me. I think it's cute.

"Hey Leah I am so good right now!!" Without being able to hold the great news in I just came straight out with it.

"I got in!!" I replied eagerly, "w-what where?!" She highly anticipated. "The pineapple dance studios in London , Leah I got in!"

"Oh my gosh Eves I am so proud of you, when do you start? How are you celebrating?" She was shooting all of these questions at me. "I start tomorrow and maybe but not tonight I have an early start tomorrow so I better go sis. Love you!" Leah replied straight away "so proud honey see you soon. Love you too" as I ended the call in my iPhone 5, I raced home to do some training in my gym and soon after I almost immediately fell asleep.

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