Behind the Scenes of Victoriana

Ever wonder what goes into a manga? Well, for Victoriana, the process took me about 4 years. To really, truly BEGIN. So in case you're wondering, here's why it took so long...


7. Up to the Creation

So as I've mentioned before, creating a manga takes a lot of time. This is my workroom.

I have all my drawings from observation of Kasukabe-shi hung up for easy access. My computer plays Pandora, light indie, antifolk stuff that blends nicely into the background, and my manuscript is up so I know what exactly I'm drawing and where the speech bubbles should go. Also, I used some digital photos I took of Kasukabe for reference.


So to the left, I have a detail drawing of a roof that I drew off of the balcony of the house in Kasukabe. You'll see that pop up later ;) And to the left, I have a pencil drawing that I have inked, which, when scanned, looks something like this:

The hardest part of this is keeping my lines clean and deliberate. What helps is being used to pen and ink drawings, where, if you make a mistake, it's better not to fix it because if you try and go back over it, it will look sloppier. So when I use pencil, I try to make sure that every line has a purpose. That way it erases easier. I use a tiny mechanical pencil. It's cleaner. In contrast, when I draw portraits, like the portrait of Ai that can be seen as the cover for the Movella Victoriana, I prefer smudging pencils. 

And here it is after I've added tones in photoshop. Most editors prefer black and white because it's cheaper to publish. I prefer black and white because I find it elegant, and I'm used to working on greyscale. Color takes a lot longer.

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