Behind the Scenes of Victoriana

Ever wonder what goes into a manga? Well, for Victoriana, the process took me about 4 years. To really, truly BEGIN. So in case you're wondering, here's why it took so long...


1. The Seeds of Inspiration

I had been drawing manga styled things since fifth grade. I'm not sure why, but the style captured me. It was beautiful, in my eyes. Glamorous. I'd never really committed to drawing a series though, until I visited Japan for the first time in 2009. I was fourteen, had finished two years of University level Japanese, and was ready to explore.

I ended up talking with a bunch of school girls and for some reason, we got onto the topic of bullying. One of them told me their friend had glass put in her shoe because she went out on a date with a popular guy. That's where I drew the inspiration for Ai's bullying. Initially, Ai wasn't going to be a gaijin, or a foreigner, she was just going to be an average school girl, who somehow got transported back to Victorian and was kind of stuck there. I was kind of obsessed with Lolita fashion back then and was like "yay now she can wear it daily!" You can tell I didn't think that one out too much.

Anyway, I got to meet a Maiko, or a geisha-in-training. Overall, it was an interesting experience and I returned to the states ready to draw. Victoriana was in it's shallowest stages, lacking in any sort of depth what-so-ever.

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