Running from fear

Maddy is a girl who has struggled So much after her mom died. her dad said she was the reason she died.But Maddy knew better ,she knew he killed her and that he was eventually going to do the same to her. Will some one rescue her… for good?


2. Picking the lock

Maddies POV

I want to pack a bag and run, to get away from this place. Even though I want to I know I will never survive in the cold alleyways of New York City.

"Come here!" He shrieks. Crunch go the leaves under my feet as I run. After an eternity of running he stops chasing me, I escaped for now. I------My dreams of escaping drift far away from me as I hear my father slowly picking the lock. Panicking I jump out the window and run despite the cold weather.

Since my father hasn't realized I'm gone yet I take my time until I come across a park just as it turns...about 1:30 according to the parks clock.Its late and I'm tired so I lay down on a bench to fall asleep.

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