Love Can Exist At 17

17 year old Summer Isaacs doesn't believe in love. Well she did, until Eric. But 21 year old Luke Richards changes all that, as he becomes the love of her life, one catch, they met online. Go through the struggle with her, as she discovers the ups and downs of a long distance relationship.


3. The Reveal

Someone’s hand touches my bare shoulder, my pale skin looking even whiter against the tanned hand. I turn around and chuckle, “Luke!” he smiles at me. He leans forwards and kisses the side of my face; he grabs my hand and pulls me close his arm snaking around my waist, “Dance with me Summer?” I laugh, “Sure” I rest my head on his chest, we start swaying slightly and he spins me around. “Summer, I love you. You’re so beautiful, you’re my princess.”

“And you’re my Prince Charming” Our lips are centimetres apart, I can feel his breath on my face, I tippy toe, and bring my face closer to his-



Damn. Really? Just getting to the good part as well! Thank you school, I hope you prove a purpose today, you ruined my dream.

Another day at school, it’s been three days since I've spoken to Luke. I'm worried, not that he'll do something stupid, just that he won't talk to me again. I don't think I could go on if that happened. I've text him so many times in the past 3 days; I bet it’s something really easy like he lost his phone or something. I'm over obsessive, it can't be healthy.

On a happier note, summer vacation starts tomorrow! And then 5 days until my 17th birthday(I’m one of the youngest in my grade) And then, back to school in September and I'm a senior! WooHoo! Mrs Macy has tried every day this week to catch me out, and she hasn't. I can't wait until summer vacation of senior year. Why? Because I'm going over to KC to see Luke then! Well, I'm hoping to. I'll be 18 then, so I should be allowed.

I trudge down the dark wooden stairs and see a small note on the kitchen table, with an envelope above it. It has my name and address scrawled across it, and on the note it says 'Found this in the mail, Lunch moneys under it -Sarah and Dad xx' I open the envelope slightly, a folded piece of lined paper, little hearts drawn in pen sketched across the top. I unfold it, to see what looks like a poem... Luke! His poem! I sit down on one of the chairs, the red cushion sinking beneath me.

'You changed my world with a blink of an eye
That is something that I cannot deny
You change my mood from worst to best,
With you, I never have anything on my chest.

You just don't know what you have done for me,
You even pushed me to the best that I can be.
You really are an angel sent from above,
To take care of me and shower with love.

When I'm with you I will not cry even a single a tear,
And your words have chased away all of my fear.
You have given me a life that I could live worthwhile,
It would be better if I could see you smile.

It so magical those things you've made
To bring back my faith that almost fade
Now my life is a dream come true
It all began when I was loved by you

Now I have found what I am looking for
It's you and your love and nothing more
Cause you have given me this feeling of contentment
In my life something I've never felt

I wish I could talk 'til the end of day
But now I'm running out of things to say
So I'll end by the line you already know
"I LOVE YOU" more than what I could show'

I can feel tears in my eyes beginning to form, he must really love her. I knew he would never love me, No one loves me, I don't know how to love, I don't particularly want to love. Love makes me feel guilty, hurt and all those things I don't want to feel. It makes me feel vulnerable. I hate the way it makes me feel.

 I push the note into my shorts pocket, and grab my bag off the island where I left it yesterday. I grab a cold bottle of water out the refrigerator, and put my earphones into my ears. I let random guitar tracks slam into my ears, I walk down the street by myself, blocking out everything.

After the 20 minute walk to school, I turn into the school, grab some books from my self decorated locker and walk to Math.  I spot my usual seat at the back of the class, and near enough run towards it. I sit down, and realise I forgot my charm bracelet. Someone sits down next to me, I don’t even bother looking up, someone taps me on the shoulder and I pull one earphone out, turning around. Its Damen. Lucky, lucky me. “Whats up Summer?”

“Leave me alone.”

“Come on, you can tell Damen. I’ve got an idea, you tell me, and I’ll give you some fun tonight. You seem to give everyone else what they want when it comes to the bedroom, so it’s my turn.” He winks at me and I scoff, he grabs the side of my shirt and turns me around, “You know you want to, come on. Be a good little whore eh?” I push his hand away from me, and glare at him. “Leave me alone Damen.” He chuckles, and grabs my arm, I push against him. “Summer, you’ve fucked everyone else, I want a go.” I stand up and push him away from me. “Come on baby, its just sex”

“Get off me!” Everyone turns to look at us, and Mrs Macy looks at me curiously. “Is there a problem Summer?” I shake my head, trying not to cry. Not here Summer, not now. She takes her glasses off, “Would you like to be excused Miss Isaacs?” I nod furiously and she gives me a hall pass. I take it from her, swinging my bag over my shoulder and just walking. Walking as far as I can. I need to be alone. I turn the corner, and push through the doors. Going to the only place I could think of, the big oak tree in the park.

I climb up and sit on one of the branches, pulling my phone out of my pocket. All I want is Luke... I punch his number in and hit ‘Call’

Three rings, four, fiv- ‘Hello?’

‘Luke?’ My voice is shaky, and I can tell he noticed. ‘Summer? What’s wrong? Are you alright?” I choke back tears, “I-I’m fine” I hear something move on his side, and I hear his laptop beep “Summer, I’m not dumb. Why aren’t you in school?”

“I left..”

“What? Why?”

“One of the boys at school, he was calling me a whore, and he said that if I told him what was wrong he’d have sex with me and I reall-“

“Summer. Sweetie. Calm down.” I take a deep breath, and lean back into the tree. My hair falling around my shoulders, the sun shining on my bare legs “Luke, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“Who you love?” He takes a breath, and I hear him shuffling around. “Because you’d call me crazy.” I very much doubt that. Nobody could be crazier than me, falling in love with a 21 year old man, who I’ve never met, and he loves someone else. “No, I wouldn’t..”

“Fine, I’m in love with...”





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