Love Can Exist At 17

17 year old Summer Isaacs doesn't believe in love. Well she did, until Eric. But 21 year old Luke Richards changes all that, as he becomes the love of her life, one catch, they met online. Go through the struggle with her, as she discovers the ups and downs of a long distance relationship.


2. Skype, Dance and More Skype

I open the front door, shutting it with my foot before kicking my boots off and putting them by the door. Sarah’s head pops around the corner of the kitchen “Hi sweetheart, have a nice day at school?” I nod and smile “Yeah, I did.” I walk into the kitchen and see her paperwork strewn all over the table, “Woah. You’ve got a lot to do.” She sighs quietly “Ah well, it shouldn’t take that long” she pulls me over and kisses my forehead, before throwing me an apple. I smile, and then run upstairs.

Shutting my bedroom door behind me, I sit down at my desk. I really need to re-decorate. Green and pink really isn’t my thing anymore, I grab a hair tie, and pull my hair back up into a ponytail, before opening my laptop and signing into Skype,

Online Contacts:

Annie Davies

Jesse Rhoads

Luke Richards

I smile and click on Luke’s name, quickly turning on my webcam. I smile as he answers my video call. I smirk at him, and he speaks “Sup beautiful? Have fun at school?” I nod at him and laugh, “My math teacher decided she would pick on me again”

“Summer, she only picks on you when you aren’t listening. Daydreaming about me again?” He winks at me and I giggle at him, I get up, and grab my notebook off the side by my bed. “Now why, would I be daydreaming, about you?” I say, and he looks offended, and then laughs. He smirks at me, god that smirk, just him in general makes melt inside. He starts waving at the camera, “Summerrrrrr!” I snap out of my trance “Huh? What?” He starts laughing at me. “You spaced out.”

“Oh sorry.” I blush scarlet and he smiles at me “S’alright beautiful” I blush even more, and he smiles at me “Cutie” I smile back, “You really think so?”

“I know so” I smile at him, and prop my feet up on the desk, and grab my notebook. I begin scrawling down ideas for a song, and I look up to him and smile at him watching me. “May I help you Mr Richards?” He smirks, “Well if you can get your pretty little butt over here then yeah, but other than that not really” I smile and get up before turning around to the camera and wiggling my butt before sitting back down. “Now that made my day!” He winks at me. “You got dance tonight Summer?” I nod and frown, “I’d rather talk to you” He shakes his head and chuckles, “Well I have to go do some stuff for class tomorrow, I’ll text you later” I nod “Okay, bye gorgeous” I click on hang up and then sit back in my chair. God that boys had an effect on me. I go into my closet and grab a black leotard, sweatpants, a tank top and a wrap skirt. I put the wrap skirt and my pointe shoes into a bag. I pull my hair out of its ponytail, and walk into my bathroom, stripping off and getting into the shower.

The warm water hits my body, and makes me feel as though I’m suffocating, but it feels so good. I shower in about 15 minutes. And then step out grabbing, a fluffy blue towel off the rail. Wrapping it around myself then walking back into my bedroom. My laptop starts beeping:

Incoming Video Call: Luke Richards

I click answer, and then look at him “Dude. I just got out the shower you couldn’t have waited ten more minutes?” He smirks at me, “Nope, I couldn’t” I grab my stuff off of my bed and walk into the closet, coming back out in a leotard and tights. “I preferred the towel Summer.” He winks at me as I pull on my sweatpants and my tank top. I smile, and say “Hmm. Interesting” I wink and giggle at him. He chuckles and grabs some paper, “Whatcha up to Lukey?”

“Just writing”

“Writing what?”

“Is this twenty questions?” I laugh. “Obviously dude. Now tell me”

“A poem.”

“About what?”

He shakes his head and looks up “Stuff”

“What stuff?”

“You’re not gonna give up are you?” I shake my head, “Nope.” He puts the paper down, “About love, thats what ‘stuff’ happy now?” I nod, “So who’d you love then?” He frowns and looks back at me “A girl, but she’ll never like me back. Nobody would” He’s pretty damn wrong there. “I bet she would, you’re awesome”

“Summer! Dinners ready!” I frown at Luke, “Gotta go, talk to you later.” I press hang up and run downstairs, grabbing a plate of food and sitting down next to Harry. George looks at me, and I frown “George, stop looking at me please.”

“Who were you skyping with?”

“A friend.” He coughs, and then mutters “Yeah, boyfriend.” I glare at him, I wish George. I wish. I eat the rest of my dinner and silence. Other than a few ‘Yes’ and ‘no’s’ when Sarah asks questions. I love Sarah, I couldn’t ask for a better step mom, but she asks so many questions. I guess that’s what parents do, but it bugs me sometimes. I finish off, and put my plate in the sink before running upstairs and grabbing my bag with my pointe shoes in.



Dance is always fun, I’ve been doing it since I was 6. 11 years, I coach some of the younger kids now as well as do it myself.

I jump in the passenger seat next to Sarah, and put my bag into the foot compartment. I turn the radio on, never anything good on the radio. I put the Bon Jovi Greatest Hits CD in, and burst into Living On A Prayer with Sarah. When the song finishes I laugh along with Sarah, and we pull into the parking lot of the dance studio. Sarah kisses my cheek, and I jump out the car. She shouts out of the window “Have fun sweetie! See you later!” I wave back to her before pushing the door open.

I run upstairs and dump my bag onto the floor, before opening my laptop and checking Skype

Online Contacts:

Leon Cooper

Luke Richards

Tori Ranger

I click on Luke’s name and wave when he answers “HEEEEEEY LUKEY!” He looks up and smiles slightly at me “Hey Summer” I frown “Whats wrong?”

“Oh don’t worry, how was dance?”

“Yeah yeah, it was great. Now please tell me?” I pull the cutest face possible “Pweeeeeaaaassseeee Lukey?” He smiles at me, “It doesn’t matter”

“It does, I hate it when you’re sad” He smiles and then grabs the paper he was writing on earlier, and then looks at it, folds it and puts it into an envelope. “I’ll send you this, you’ll know then. Anyway, sleep well beautiful. I’ll talk to you tomorrow” He hangs up. What’s up with him? I hate it when he won’t tell me something, its going to bug me until I get that letter now. I shut my laptop before slipping into some pajamas and sliding into bed, pulling the comforter up to my chin and grabbing my teddy bear off the floor, I snuggle into it and shut off my ceiling light. Just leaving the lamp on. My phone vibrates on my side, I pick it up.

To: Summer

From: Luke

Goodnight beautiful, sleep tight. –L ♥


I set it back down, man I need to tell him at some point.


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