The love notes - My entry to the picture prompt contest!

I'm not popular. I'm a geek. Just comfy middle. With good friends, a caring family and a bright future as a lawyer ahead of me, my life is perfect. I only craves one thing. True love. I know it sounds cliche but seriously who doesnt? Then i found a pink balloon outside my door and it looked like everything was about to go my way...


1. The love notes.

It's Monday (groan!) and I'm doing everything that I do on a Monday morning before school. Get up, shower, dressed, breakfast and walk to school with one of my best friends Harriet. Everything is the same until I open the door and see not just Harriet stood there but also a pink balloon tied to the fence.  Why is that there??

"Did you put it there?" I ask.

"Nope. It was her when I arrived. It’s for you."

"For me?”  Sure enough, Jasmine is written on the balloon and what looks like a poem. I read it a loud as we walked,

If I'm anywhere around you, I can't believe
I've got to push you away, to think, to breath 
I look at your face, I try to inhale,
I try again and seem to fail.

I'm in a daze. That poem was so romantic and it was for me. Me! We reached school; Harriet ran over to my other two best friends Jodie and Sam, shouting about the balloon. They both stared agog at the poem 

"Oh my God Jas! This guy is so sweet! We need to find out who this guy is and now!!" Jodie squeals. I nod absent minded. I only get peace in the first two lessons and I'm not really concentrating. It flies past and soon I'm walking to the canteen. When I arrive I gasp. A pink balloon. I dash over to it and there is another poem.

My first note was received

I hope you were glad, I hope you were pleased. 

When I met you I saw a spark in your eye.
I fell in love and that's no lie.

I feel tears prick my eyes. Beautiful. I turn to a member of staff. 

"Did you see who put this here?" 

"I'm not certain but I think I remember his name was Aaron." She gives one last smile before walking away. I feel my heart skip a beat. Aaron Green. All the girls love him. I didn't think he could write such inspiring poems. I see him walk in and with a big deep breathe I strode up to him.

"Hey Aaron." He gazes at me.


"I loved the poems you wrote. They were really you." he snakes his arm around my waist.

"Glad you liked them babe." He gives me a squeeze before walking off.

I gasp. Did that really just happen?! I grab my bag, noticing Sam, Jodie and Harriet all staring, open mouthed and run outside for some air. It isn’t long before the bell rings. Its English next and Aaron's in my class.

I enter the classroom and see Aaron has his arm around her shoulder and her head rests on his shoulder. They have their backs to me but that doesn't stop me hearing their conversation. 

"So she thinks you wrote her love poems?!" The girl laughed.

"Yea I know. She seems to think we are now true love or whatever. I just got out of there quick. The freak."

 I grab my stuff before and run out of the class. I run as fast as I can until I reach my locker. I rest my head and sob until I have no more tears.

"Jas?" It’s Sam. I rest my head on his shoulder and he strokes my hair.

"What happened Jasmine? Tell me." I gasp out what happened in between sobs. Sam's face turns red and suddenly he storms off. I follow him frantically. He bursts into the classroom, strides up to Aaron and shoves him hard. Aaron turns to face him, but he doesn't get a chance to fight back before Sam punches him squarely on the face.

"Sam!" I scream. What was he thinking?? Sam drops his bag on the floor and advances on Aaron. His bag hits the floor and things spill out. I look down and can’t believe my eyes because in front of me is a pack of pink balloons. It's Sam. Sam. I grab the packet and spin Sam around. He glares at me, but as soon as he see's the balloons everything goes out of him. I just shake my head slowly before turning and running out. As I storm down the corridors I hear him skidding down towards me.

"Jas! Jasmine! Please, let me explain!" I spin on my heels.

"Explain!? You let me believe that it was Aaron. You let me get my heart broken. Why would you do that to me Sam?!" I cry. He's defeated.

"I don't know. I just... don't." Tears slip down my cheeks as I turn and run home. He’s behind me and I desperately try to pull away but he's fast and soon I feel him grab my arms. 

"Jasmine listen! Let me explain." 

I grab his arm and drag him to the park opposite my house. I sit on a bench and stare at him expectantly.

"Explain." He takes a deep breathe before kneeling in front of me.

"When I first met you I was four years old. I thought you were a princess, you were so unbelievably perfect. To me you still are. I love you Jasmine. Just three words, they don't seem enough to express my love. For someone who smile brightens my day, whose touch can make me forget everything, they don't seem enough.  I love you; I can't express the depth of my feeling. I hope you know what's in my heart, because loving you means more to me than anything.”

I'm speechless. I gaze into his eyes. I've never noticed how warm they are or how easily I can get lost in them. He see's me pause and starts to ramble.

"Please, forgive me I'll never do it again. I.." I fling my arms around his neck and press my lips against his urgently. We kiss for what seems like hours. Everything disappears and nothing matters. But that’s love.

Never ending, never changing, never fading, and never ageing love.


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