seven pink balloons

they weren't supposed to be there- she had got lost, and he was waiting for his girlfriend. when they met, she fell in love but he was already taken.


1. chapter 1

I have a surprise for you... meet in the usual place love Josh

Josh waited for a reply. He had been going out with Molly for one year now; he thought to himself today is a good day for a proposal. His palms were sweating; how long did it take to reply, he heard a beep.

Sorry it took so long to reply I'm in a meeting i'll meet you at 3 is that ok i love you see you soon xxx

He replied and got ready, he would be asking someone to marry him in five hours; he had to look his best. He went into the wardrobe, in there was seven pink balloons. He packed a picnic and set out, he wanted to get there early; four hours to go.

                                                                      * * * * *

She got out of bed, she went and brushed her teeth; she pulled on her favourite dress. She had giving up swearing for new years; so she used the word fudge when she looked at the clock. "I'm going to be late", she brushed her long blonde hair; dyed of course. Maya hated her job, but it was the best for money; she loved her house and car. She looked in the mirror, she sighed; she was beautiful but she didn't see it. She put on a little make-up, and got to the door, when she had forgotten her shoes. She rushed to her wardrobe, which ones; she thought for a minute. She couldn't choose, so put on the ones that were behind the door; they were bright red. She looked in her long mirror and nodded, she picked up her handbag and made her way to her car.

It was a sports car, she had inhereted from her late uncle; she got in. She had to be there in twenty minutes, would she make it. She threw her handbag in the other seat and started the engine. It wouldn't start, she broke her promise; she swore. After five minutes of trying, she gave up; she would have to walk. She got her handbag, and started to run; she would cut through the woods. Once she had made it to the woods, adrenaline was rushing through her. She was lucky she had been taking spinning classes.

She had been walking through the woods for a while now, she was lost. She saw something pink in the distance, she walked towards it. When she had reached it, she saw a man holding seven pink balolons sitting on a picnic blanket; it was like a dream. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day.

"Excuse me, can you help me I'm lost", Josh turned around; he was shocked at what he saw.

"Um, what's the problem", he replied standing up.

"I'm lost and I'm going to be late can you help me".

He looked at his watch, it read 12:03; three hours to the propsal. He looked the woman up and down, she was very pretty, but didn't look as beautiful as his Molly. He didn't know what to do, "sorry if i'm disturbing you", she walked towards him. Her heart was beating; she couldn't stop looking at him. "Would you like me to show you the way? Where did you want to go?" She was caught up in the moment; she didn't know what she was doing, she got out her phone. She looked at it; there was nothing there, but he didn't have to know that. "That was my boss, I don't need to go in anymore It's fine. What are you doing?".

He was a bit shocked, what was she doing, "I'm about to propose to my girlfriend but you don't need to know that". She felt sick, she thought she had finally found the one; she thought fate had brought them together. She walked closer to him, and sat down on a rock. After a while they had got really close and were laughing together. It was like they had known each other their whole life. 


Maya thought for a moment, nothing would stop her; then she did something crazy. She got up and kissed him; they both felt the connection, but Josh broke it off. "Are you crazy what are you doing?", she was hurt by his anger. She apologised, and turned to leave; he stopped her. "I'm sorry", he handed her one of the pink balloons; he winked. She took it and smiled; he pointed her in the right direction and she left, never looking back. When she had reached the end of the woods, she looked at the balloon. Maya closed her eyes, she made a wish and let the balloon go; she watched it for a while floating up to the sky. When it had fully gone out of sight, she smiled and walked the long way, to work.

                                                                       8 months later 

It was the after party, to Josh and Molly's wedding; pink balloons were the main decoration. Some people thought they were tacky, but Molly loved them. They were greeting guests, when Molly introduced Josh to a Blond woman, "Josh this is my new assistant Maya". He thought no it couldn't be, but he met her gaze; he gulped.




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