Suicide Journal

A young teen decides to end her life. In this journal she had she wrote the reasons why. In this I will explain. This novel is actually based on my cousin who has passed so I have a certain experience and I guess I just need to filter it. RIP Katie


1. Why

Chapter 1
     My name is Alexandria. This is my little journal that I want to write that leads to the very end. And yes, when I say very end, I mean the very end of my life.
     In these stories they all lead up to why I wanted to die and they all have connections. Somehow, one way or another, you are connected and you will find out how.
     Yeah, I know, nobody will even think twice about a little journal some 19 year old girl has, but in the end it matters, everything matters.

A/N guys this is NOT and I repeat NOT based on me. For some reason writing this type of stuff comes naturally. And yes if you have ever read "thirteen reasons why" by Jay Asher this book is based in that a little.

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