New Guy (New Girl Book 2)

After High-school, Clover and Hannah move into a flat together.
Find out what happens when Hannah finally leaves Jake (her high-school prom date) because of how he treats her.
Will Hannah ever find happiness?
Or will this forever be a 'Happily never after'?


5. Pizza Surprise

We walked into the pizzeria down the road from my flat and went up to the hostess. "Table for four" I state politely while placing a fifty pound note on the counter.

"Of course" The woman chirps while leading us to a table in the back.

When we were all sat down Fabien asked me a question. "I thought you were gonna make Pizza surprise, why are we here?" Oh, how he doesn't know me.

"You make your own pizza's here and that is half the fun because it is a tradition to make them blind folded," I explained while popping one of the garlic dough balls in my mouth. "C'mon, let's get started!" I say while pulling Clover over to the station.

"You bring the blind folds?" Aaron asks me while following us over. I tug them out of my belt an put one in each of their hands. "Let's get this shit started!" Aaron exclaims putting on his blindfold and standing in front of his pizza base.

Clover and Fabien copy, hesitantly. "You better not do what you did last time!" Clover warns my pointing her finger at the air in front of her.

"What did she do last year?" Fabien asks sounding slightly amused.

I smiled and started guiding Aaron's hand about, making the pizza... very badly. "I made her stick her hand in a bucket of squid" I state while moving onto Clover. "She squealed her head off then ran into the bathroom" I laugh under my breath and move her hand one last time before moving onto Fabien.

When I grabbed hold of his warm, tanned hands, a strange tingling feeling ran up my arm. I flinched a tiny bit before shaking the strange feeling out of my mind and getting on with the pizza. I spotted a bowl of jelly over at the other side of the counter and couldn't help myself. 

I brought it nearer and put his hand into the slimy thing. "Gross! What is that?" He asks his accent sticking out really well. He messed around in it a bit more before picking up a load of it and bringing it up to his face.

"Jelly" I shrug while finishing off the last pizza and taking them to the waitress that deals with the pizzas when you are done topping them.

"Ooh!" He exclaims while licking at his hands.

I chuckle under my breath and pull off everyone's blindfolds. "Fabien is really one of us" I say while leading the way back to our table. "You two just missed him licking jelly off his hand"

Clover takes her seat next to me giving Fabien a strange look but laughs it off. "Yeah, I guess he is one of us," She states while eating one of the little garlic dough balls that were sat in the middle of the table. "So Fabien, how did you and Aaron become friends?" She asks while leaning forward a bit.

He seemed to shift about in his seat, a little uncomfortable under Clover's gaze. Is he usually this shy? "Well we met at collage and we have nearly every class together" He says playing about with the rim of his water glass.

Oh god, I feel so bad for him. He looks really shy and right now he looks really uncomfortable. "So... Aaron did you get anything good for your birthday?" I ask turning the spotlight on Aaron.

Fabien mouthed 'thank you' to me just before I turned to Aaron, to make it seem like I was interested in what he was talking about. Which I wasn't.

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