New Guy (New Girl Book 2)

After High-school, Clover and Hannah move into a flat together.
Find out what happens when Hannah finally leaves Jake (her high-school prom date) because of how he treats her.
Will Hannah ever find happiness?
Or will this forever be a 'Happily never after'?


6. Goodbye Kisses and Bad Dreams

"GOD! These stupid heels are killing me!" Clover exclaims running to her room as soon as we open the door to our flat.

I chuckle slightly under my breath, watching her retreating back.

"I better go see if she's alright or she'll be cranky in the morning" Aaron, says walking down the hall after her.

I turn around to Fabien, who is stand awkwardly in the door way. "You can come in if you want"

"Na, I better be getting back to my own flat or my room mate will start to wonder where I am" He states, turning around and starting to stride away. I turn just about to close the door when a strong hand whips me around and presses their soft, warm lips against mine. Fabien pulls away, looking down on me, his eye soft and his cheeks rosy-red.

 "Sorry, I had to do that at least once" He whispers before leaving once again.

By the time I snap out of my little trance and look down the hall he's gone.

Well. That was strange! I think to myself, slowly closing the door. I mindlessly make my way to my room, not thinking at all.

I flop down onto my bed, kicking my shoes off so they clank onto the floor. My eyelids slowly become heavy as sleep takes over.


I'm in a dark, dingy room with a desk and a bed. The walls are brown and covered in dirt, the carpet a weird green color with what looks like soil in it. I'm looking around the room when the door creaks open and in walks the last person I ever wanted to see... Jake

"W-what are you doing here?" I ask, my voice cracking. Great! Really smooth Hannah!

He smirks, running his eyes over my body. I strange uneasy feeling courses through my body, twisting at my insides, making me feel like I'm about to throw up. What is he going to do? Is he going to hurt me again?

I start to shake uncontrollably at the though of him hurting me. I really don't want to have him hurt me again. He's not the gentlest of people.

"Don't worry babe. The pain will be gone before you know it" Jake sneers pulling a knife out of his pocket. He plays around with it in his hands, slowly walking towards me.

I let  out an ear splitting scream jolting up right in my bed, my breathing sharp and ragged. I can't believe that just happened...

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