New Guy (New Girl Book 2)

After High-school, Clover and Hannah move into a flat together.
Find out what happens when Hannah finally leaves Jake (her high-school prom date) because of how he treats her.
Will Hannah ever find happiness?
Or will this forever be a 'Happily never after'?


4. Getting ready

I let out a heavy sigh, pulling my tired body up off the floor when Aaron came into view. He looked happier than usual, that can't be a good sign. 

I didn't notice the guy standing next to him till we were back in the flat. He had flawless Bronze skin, piercing blue eyes that sparkled as he looked around our flat, brown hair that was combed up into a perfect quiff and was quite tall, at least a foot taller than me. The mystery guy was wearing faded dark jeans, a white top with longs sleeves that hugged his body showing off his six-pack and a black leather jacket, that hung off his body. I think I could also see some tattoos poking out under his sleeves. You could tell by the way he keep fidgeting that he was either nervous or uncomfortable. I kinda feel bad for him.

"Well... boys, weirdo" When I say 'weirdo' to Clover she gives me a look that says 'B*tch please'. I just smile at her sweetly. "I'm going to go get this egg out my hair thanks to someone" I slowly look over at Clover, who was holding up her hands. "When I get back who wants me to make my famous pizza surprise?" I ask.

"What's 'Pizza surprise'?" The guy asks, I think I heard a tint of an american accent.

Aaron started smiling even more. "Fabien, it is basically pizza but no one knows what is on it but Hannah!"

I smile at Fabien before going to my room.

Time to get rid of this stupid egg. Thanks so much Clover!

I had a quick shower, pulling bits of egg shell from my hair every couple of minutes. I decided that I was going to make an effort to look good- for Aaron's birthday, obviously, not for his friend or anything...

I was wearing a pinky lace-dress, white two inch heels and a brown leather belt across the wast. I had my brown-blonde-ginger-ish hair lightly curled into ringlets that flowed down my back effortlessly. I put on a bit of mascara but not loads, a light layer of eyeliner and bronze eye-shadow on my slightly tanned skin that covered my eyelids.

All in all I think I looked quite good. But that's my opinion, I usually just wear jeans and a T-shirt so this is a real improvement for me.

I hear a light knock on my door, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Come in!" I yelled as I straightened out my dress.

"Oh, Hannah you look great!" Clover gushes as she rushes over to me. "We have half an hour till we are leaving and I was wondering... if you would curl my hair? You are so much better than me!" Clover asks.

I smile at her and pull her into the chair I have in front of my vanity table. She smiled at me through the mirror as I set to work.

Clover looked amazing in her black dress that flowed down her body effortlessly to about mid-thigh, caressing her skin gently, with strapy black heel on her tiny feet and when I say tiny I mean it! Her make-up was done like mine but because she had fair skin, she went with a lighter shade of eye-shadow. She looked breath taking, Aaron was really lucky to have her.

"Cover your eyes" I order while holding up my can of hair-spray and shaking it. She did as asked and I sprayed her hair so it would stay in place. "Done!" I shout loudly, throwing my hands up in the air.

"Good to know, Hannah!" Aaron shouts back, after a couple minutes.

"I'm actually done with your girlfriend's hair!" I shout.

"Urgh! She won't let me see what she is wearing!" He yells and I think I could hear a faint laugh.

Clover steps up from the chair and loops her arm in mine. "Shall we go?" She asks in a mock posh accent.

"We shall!" I state before we make our way to the living room, where you could hear the boys talking. "Ready to go?" I ask the guys while taking in their out fits.

Aaron was wear black chinos, a white V-neck and a black fitted blazer. He hair in it's messy bed-head look as usual.

Fabien was wearing brown chinos, a white top that clung to his body and showed off his perfect muscles and the same black leather jacket he was wearing earlier, his tattoos poking out again. I'd have to ask him what they say later.

"Leggo!" Aaron cheered as we left the flat. 

I looked over at Clover to see she had a mischievous smile on her face. I guess we are going to be embarrassing Aaron on his eighteenth birthday.

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