New Guy (New Girl Book 2)

After High-school, Clover and Hannah move into a flat together.
Find out what happens when Hannah finally leaves Jake (her high-school prom date) because of how he treats her.
Will Hannah ever find happiness?
Or will this forever be a 'Happily never after'?


7. Fabian is back... and eating pancakes

I drag my unwilling body out of my bed and trudge into my bathroom. Striping out of my clothes, I take a look at my smeared make up in the mirror. I look like a zombie! My mascara and eyeliner is streaming down my face and my eye-shadow is making me look like a panda. Wow, I'm so attractive at the moment.

Shaking that thought out of my head I step into the stream of water coming out of my shower head. I let all my make-up wash away as song lyrics come in to my. I start to sing quietly, getting louder and louder.

I smile at myself remembering my favorite you-tuber singing this song. Clover doesn't really listen to him but she still thinks he's good. I will always love him, of course. 

"Hannah! Stop singing Max Schneider and come and eat your pancakes!" Clover shouts through the flat, bringing me out of my train of thought.

"Coming!" I yell back, turning the water off and jumping out of the shower. I wrap a fluffy white towel around my body and walk towards my wardrobe. When inside I look around for a bit before picking out a white top and yellow skirt with my favorite leather jacket.

I dry my hair and brush it out into it's wavy curls. I slip on my outfit, tugging on knee-high brown heeled boots with it. I smile at myself in my wall length mirror before walking out my room, my heels clanking on the wooden hallway floor.

"Finally!" Clover sighs as I walk into the kitchen.

Sitting at the kitchen table was Clover, Aaron and Fabian. They all look up at me as I enter. "Morning" I chirp taking a seat in between Clover and Fabian. "Last night was fun don't you think?"

"Yeah, especially when I got my hand shoved in jelly" Fabian says, waving his hand around in front of my face.

I laugh pushing him away from me. "Hey, you're the one who decided to eat it off your hand"

"True" He sighs, taking a bite out of his pancakes.

"Question" I say turning to face him. "Not that I don't like you but I thought you went home why are you here?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Me and Aaron are going to collage together to prepare from a test we have tomorrow and Clover offered me pancakes so here I am"

"Cool" I shrug, turning back around to the others. "So are you going to be doing anything today or can we go out?" I ask Clover, drumming my fingers on the table out of boredom.

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to come shopping with me" She states, finishing off her plate of pancakes. I catch Aaron smiling down at Clover lovingly, wrapping his arm around her waist.

I mentally 'aww'ed at how cute they were together, smiling brightly at the couple across from me. "Sure! I could do with a shopping trip" I chirp happily.

"Well if we want to get there when it's pretty empty we should head off soon" Clover mumbles her mind clearly on Aaron who was rubbing his thumb on her skin.

"I'll go get a bag and then we can go" I say, fluttering out of the room.

Well today should be fun. Just me, my best friend and a whole sh*t load for shopping.

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