New Guy (New Girl Book 2)

After High-school, Clover and Hannah move into a flat together.
Find out what happens when Hannah finally leaves Jake (her high-school prom date) because of how he treats her.
Will Hannah ever find happiness?
Or will this forever be a 'Happily never after'?


2. Break-ups And Birthday Cakes

I bounced out of my room and into the living room, suddenly feeling overwhelmingly happy. As I walked into the bright living room I caught a glimpse of Clover and Aaron acting all lovey-dovey.

"Hey hey hey!" I exclaimed while plopping myself down on the couch opposite them. "Guess what?" I asked Clover as she looked at me questionably. Probably as to why I came in to the apartment in a bad mood.

"I don't know," Clover whined after a minute of thinking. "Tell me before I die of waiting!"

I laughed at how giddy she was acting. "I'm now single!" I exclaimed throwing my hands up the air.

She let out a loud gasp before whispering something in Aaron's ear that I couldn't quite hear.

He gave her a nod and started texting someone on his phone.

"Hazza?" Clover asked pulling out the 'z' in Hazza. I raised an eyebrow at her. "Um it's Aaron's birthday tomorrow and we were wondering if you'd want to come out to a birthday dinner with us?" She asked me, batting her eyelashes at me sweetly.

"I would love to!" I exclaim bouncing in my seat, out of excitement. "Who else is going to be there?" I ask trying to calm myself down a little.

"You, me, Aaron and one of his close friends from college," Cover stated, while dragging me towards the kitchen. "Hannah, can you help me with Aaron's birthday cake?" She asked, giving me her undeniable puppy eyes.

"Sure!" I chirped as we set to work. I started to grab random bowls and ingredients from the cupboards as Clover was still talking to Aaron. I heard her come in behind me and without turning round, I yelled, "Where's the sugar?! Clover?!" I whipped round to see nothing but a huge, white, flour cloud covering my face.

"Oh you did NOT just go there," I snarled, sneakily grabbing a couple of eggs that were behind me. l saw Clover dipping her hand back into the bag of flour and at the same moment, the eggs launched into the air and hit her right in her face, just as more flour coated my hair. It was on. I dived for the bag of flour Clover was holding, rugby tackling her- I guess all those matches Jake used to watch had their uses after all! I grabbed her ankle, making her fall to the ground, laughing uncontrollably. I dumped the bag and the remainder of the eggs onto her hair, smirking as she started to tickle me. That girl knows me so well. Aaron passed by the doorway, raising his eyebrows and shaking his head jokingly.

"I will never understand you two!" He laughed, waking away. I looked around and realised what we'd done. 

"Umm Clover? What are we going to make the cake with now?" I giggled, looking around guiltily.

"We could always just shove you in the oven, you've got enough mix on you already!" she grinned, looking at the oven and back to me again, an evil look on her face. 

"Come on!" I said, getting up. "We're going shopping, like this, like it or not."

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