Cherish Me (Sequel To Rescue Me)

Sequel to Rescue Me.

Mrs Horan.
Lia still couldn't believe it.
But with something else big happening, will Niall and Lia pull through? Will they be strong enough? Or will they fall apart?


8. Tremble

**Lia's POV**

"Hello?" I call gently, hesitantly stepping into the room. The curtains were closed and the TV was on with no sound. I look over my shoulder to see Belle and Brooke behind me so I step through into the room. I creep over to the bed, followed by the girls, and gingerly crouch by the side. I can see the young girl's head propped up on a pillow; her body laying cautiously on the white mattress.
"I'm Lia," I tell her softly, watching as her eyes wearily open. She cowers away slightly before trying to sit up. 
"Here," Belle says, going over and helping her to sit up. She looks at the three of us in fear before her eyes scan the rest of the room.
"Don't worry, It's just us." I say softly and she looks back at me; the tension still in her eyes.
"I'm Brooke, but everyone calls me B." B says gently, as I stand up. 
"And Im Belle," Belle adds with a warm smile.
"What's your name?" Belle asks her and she hesitates.
"I'm… I'm… S-Skyla." She trembles, bringing the duvet up to hide the bottom of her face.
"How are you feeling, Skyla?" I ask her and she rubs a hand to her head before answering.
"I… Hurt. A lot." She whispers. 
"How old are you, Skyla?" Belle asks gently.
"N-nineteen." She replies, causing me to gasp. But she was so… small. She only looked about 14. She was thin and… just so… innocent looking. B is obviously thinking the same thing as she shoots me a worried gaze.
"Do you need anything?" Belle says and she shakes her head once slowly.
"I-I'm f-fine," She whispers again. 
"We'll be downstairs if you need us," Brooke tells her before we all walk out. 


Laying in bed that night, my hands absentmindedly trail down to my stomach. Niall turns over and his blue eyes meet mine; dazzling in the low light.
"What are you thinking about?" He asks me softly. 
"Skyla," I reply in a whisper. I see his eyebrows furrow in confusion.
"The girl." I clarify and he nods, understanding. We were lying on our sides; facing each other. I study his face for a while.
"What are we going to do with her?" I ask gently, reaching out and tracing my fingers along his jaw line.
"I don't know, Lia. We can't just chuck her out. I presume she has no where to go…" He ponders for a moment.
"But what if there's someone looking for her?" I gasp suddenly, the though only just coming to me. Niall frowns, his features contorting.
"Hmm, I guess. They'll have no idea where she is," He says softly. I frown again, worry creeping in over Skyla. 

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