Cherish Me (Sequel To Rescue Me)

Sequel to Rescue Me.

Mrs Horan.
Lia still couldn't believe it.
But with something else big happening, will Niall and Lia pull through? Will they be strong enough? Or will they fall apart?


3. Remember

**Niall's POV**


Me, Harry and Lou were all gathered in my hotel room. It was late at night here but the girl's should be up by now over in London.

"Is that them?" Lou exclaims excitedly, the computer making a ringing noise. Harry nods with a grin and presses answer. It takes a while to connect and before long Belle and Brooke's faces appear on the screen.

"Hey guys!" Brooke exclaims, her american accent dragging out.

"Hey lovely," Harry says and asks to see Tristan. She dissapears for a few moments and Louis begins to speak to Belle.

"Where's Lia?" I ask, not being able to take it any more. Belle looks taken aback for a moment before chewing on her lip.

"She's erm..." She looks up worriedly at B as she enters the room again. She sits down and Harry begins talking to Tristan. I couldn't get a word in.

"Is Lia okay?" Louis asks, interrupting Harry. I smile gratefully at him before glueing my eyes to the screen. Brooke shifts uncomfortably and Tristan begins to gurgle.

"She's upstairs. She's in bed, ill. She's okay though," She adds, noticing my concerned face.

"Can you take the laptop up there?" I ask hopefully. Brooke and Belle exchange a look again before shaking their heads.

"She's been asleep all morning." Belle tells me carefully. I nod slowly, worry churning through me.


**Lia's POV**


A soft knock erupts on the bedroom door and I look up as Belle enters.

"Where's B?" I ask, moving over so she can sit down on the bed. She takes a seat and crosses her legs beneath her.

"Feeding Tristan." She replies, picking at her nails nervously.

"What am I going to do, Belle?" I whisper. She looks at me, eyes full of pity.

"Listen Lia, I know what you're going through. When I found out I was pregnant with Aaliyah..." She takes a deep breath.

"I considered killing myself. I was so depressed. I couldn't tell anyone... I had no one there for me. I had no idea what to do." She takes another breath, this time a shaky one.

"You have us, Lia. We won't let you do this alone. We got Brooke through it too didn't we?" She gives me a smile and I smile too at the memory. She had been terrified. She still was now. 

"You can do this, I promise." Belle takes my hand and gives it an encouraging squeeze.

"What am I going to tell Niall though?" I ask quietly, biting my lip.

"I think it's best if he heard it face to face, to be honest. He was worried sick about you earlier on Skype. You should talk to him, let him know you're okay." I nod and she hugs me before standing up off the bed.

"I think B is still on Skype with them, do you want me to bring it up so you can speak to him?" She asks and I nod again then watch as she dissapears out of the room. A few moments later, she returns; laptop clutched in hands. She places it gently down on the bed and then smiles before leaving again. I take a deep breath and open the lid. Harry's face appears on the screen and he immediately smiles.

"Lia!" He exclaims.

"Move!" Someone shouts, shoving him out of the way. I chuckle as Niall bounds over the back of the sofa and crashes infront of the camera.

"Princess!" He grins widely. 

"Ouch!" Harry groans, standing up and rubbing his neck. Niall waves him away with a laugh and the door gives a soft click as Harry leaves.

"How's Australia then?" I ask, hugging the pillow to my body. I wish he was here.

"It's good, hot." Niall says, smiling slightly.

"How's London?" He chuckles.

"Hmm, you know. Over twenty degrees as usual." I laugh. 

"April showers, hey?" He asks, eyebrows raised mockingly.

"More like April snow," I counter, making him chuckle.

"I miss you already," He says, serious now.

"I miss you too," I reply quietly, swallowing the tears that we're about to fall. 

"What's wrong, Princess?" He asks, voice thick with concern. 

"Nothing, I've just been feeling ill all day." I say and he nods, understanding.

"Well, I'll let you get to sleep now." Niall chews on his lower lip. What I would give to kiss him right now is unbelievable. 

"Goodnight, Nialler." I whisper, tears beginning to fall. Instinctively he reaches up to the screen to wipe my tears. I chuckle deeply as he realises we can't touch.

"Goodnight, Princess." He says with an impish grin.

"Remember something for me, will you?" He adds, just as I'm about to shut the call off. I lift my eyebrows in question with a smile.

"I love you," He says, before clicking off.



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