Cherish Me (Sequel To Rescue Me)

Sequel to Rescue Me.

Mrs Horan.
Lia still couldn't believe it.
But with something else big happening, will Niall and Lia pull through? Will they be strong enough? Or will they fall apart?


5. Moments


**Lia's POV**

He stays still for several moments. Several long moments.
"Say something, Niall." I whisper. I needed to know. Slowly, I pull back and wipe my eyes with my sleeve. 
"Niall?" I murmur, looking down at the floor.
"Lia," he whispers finally.
"Are you serious?" He asks. I nod slowly and place my hands gently on my stomach. 
"We're having a baby!" He shouts, picking me up and spinning me around. I cuddle into him, in utter shock.
"You're happy?" I ask, pulling back and meeting his eyes.
"Of course I am!" He exclaims, grinning. I can't say anything as he peppers my face with kisses before dragging me down the stairs by the hand. Why was he so excited?
"Niall," I say, making him stop. I stand on the middle of the stairs and sigh, running a hand through my dark hair. He turns, eyes meeting mine in question. He furrows his eyebrows slightly, looking up at me from the step below. 
"Are you not scared?" I ask quietly, scared to bring my voice above a whisper.
"I..." His voice trails off for a moment; his eyes lost in thought.
"I am but... We're going to be parents, Lia!" He becomes excited again, picking me up and spinning me around before  placing me gently down on to the floor of the hallway. 

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