Cherish Me (Sequel To Rescue Me)

Sequel to Rescue Me.

Mrs Horan.
Lia still couldn't believe it.
But with something else big happening, will Niall and Lia pull through? Will they be strong enough? Or will they fall apart?


2. Four In The Morning

**Niall's POV**


I sigh and take my headphones out. 

"What time is it?" I grumble, cracking open my eyes.

"Four in the morning," Harry replies immediately. 

"Why are you up?" I ask him, sitting up and stretching.

"Could ask you the same thing." He counters, looking down at his phone in his hands.

"I can't sleep," I admit, flopping back down on to the seat with a sigh.

"I'm worried sick." I tell him and he nods slightly.

"I am too," He murmurs. 

"What if something happens to them whilst I'm gone?" He meets my eyes.  He looked rough. Tired. Anxious. Scared.

"They'll be fine, Harry." I say with a small smile, not sure whether I'm telling him or myself that.


**Lia's POV**


What was I going to do?

I could't be...

But what if I was?

What would I tell him?

"Lia," Brooke whispers, coming in to my room. Her and Belle creep in, closing the door softly behind them. Belle waves a plastic carrier bag up and I groan.

Did I want to know?

"Come on." Brooke says gently, seeing the look in my eyes at the bag. I let her lead me into the bathrooom and Belle hands me the bag. Inside were three boxes.

Oh god.

They shut the door and I can hear them softly talking on the other side of the wall. Taking a deep breath, I pull the first one out and with fumbling fingers I draw it from the box.


**Niall's POV**


I place my bags down on the floor and immediately pull my phone from my pocket. I remove my shirt and collapse on to the bed, letting the air-conditioning wash over me. It was boiling here in Australia. I scroll through my contacts until I find Lia's number. It rings and rings. 


She usually answered straight away. I push it to the back of my mind and dismiss it. She was probably in the shower or asleep or something...


"Niall, mate." Harry calls from the door. I look up and wave him in.

"Everyone's going down for breakfast." He tells me before slipping back out of the room again. I stand up and check the time. It was eight in the morning. I glance down at my phone again. That must mean it's 11 at night back at home. I pull on a vest and lock the door behind me. I continue to frown at my screen on my phone as I meet the boys outside of the lift.

"What's up with you?" Zayn asks, nodding at my phone. I sigh and shrug, putting it back in my pocket.



**Belle's POV**


"Lia?" I say, knocking softly on the bathroom door. She'd been in there for half an hour now and me and Brooke had to put the girls and Tristan to bed. We returned a few moments ago but we thought she would have been out by now. No reply. I look at Brooke and she nods, biting her lip. We're about to pick the lock when Lia's face appears. Her hair was a knotty mess, make-up staining her cheeks and her lower lip trembling. 

"What's wrong?" Brooke asks and she crumples to the floor.

"I-I-I'm p-pregnant," 



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