Cherish Me (Sequel To Rescue Me)

Sequel to Rescue Me.

Mrs Horan.
Lia still couldn't believe it.
But with something else big happening, will Niall and Lia pull through? Will they be strong enough? Or will they fall apart?


6. Bruises

***Lia's POV**


Standing side on in the mirror, I run my hands smoothly over the small bump that was beginning to form on my stomach.

I was having a baby.

I smile as I think back to how me and Niall had told Aaliyah and Iva last week. At first they didn't understand but I had to put it in a different way. Eventually it clicked and the two of them jumped around like they did on Christmas morning. 
"Lia?" Brooke calls softly, coming into the room.
"Hey," I say, pulling my top back down. She smiles as her eyes register what I was doing.
"I'm going to go take Star out for a hack if you wanted to come?" She asks and I nod, smiling. 


"Shall we go for a canter past that stream?"  B suggests, nodding at the water a few meters away.
"Sure," I agree, nudging Melody on. We crash through the stream and both begin cantering side by side. 
"Lia!" Brooke calls, voice wobbling from the Star's movement.
"Yeah?" I turn to face her with a questioning look. She just nods up ahead and then starts to slow down into a walk. I frown in confusion before snapping my head back to the front. 
"Melody!" I yank back on her reins, causing her to rear up with me before coming to stop. She shakes her head and I gasp at the sight on the floor.


"Oh my god," I murmur, jumping down from Melody quickly.
"Are you okay?" I ask rushing over. A young girl was slumped lifelessly on the floor. Cuts and horrible bruises marked her skin and her eyes were closed.
"Hello?" I say, nudging her slightly. I watch as her fists clench and she forces her eyes open. She tries to speak but all that escapes her mouth is a pained groan.
"Lia," Brooke calls, jumping off Star and coming to a stop beside me. She looks at me worriedly before crouching down and turning her gaze to the girl. She had minimal clothing on; what she did was a teared and ripped mess. 
"Can you hear us?" Brooke's voice is careful. 
"I..." The girl murmurs, stirring slightly. She tries to sit up but she falls back to the floor in defeat.
"We're going to get you onto the horse, okay?" I say to her, looking at Brooke. She nods and we gently pick up the small girl. She only looked around thirteen. She was tiny. And dangerously thin.
"One, two, three." I say, as me and Brooke carefully lay her onto Melody. She groans in pain and her eyelids flutter open; revealing deep blue irises with speckles of green.
"Hold on to this," I instruct softly, placing her delicate hands on to the saddle flap. She grips it feebly and I take Melody's reins over her head, bunching them together. Brooke hops onto Star and I pull on the reins, making Melody begin to slowly walk.


Pulling to a stop outside of the stables twenty minutes later, I tie Melody up and Brooke jumps down again from Star.
"I'll go get one of the boys," Brooke calls before jogging off towards the house. A few moments later she returns, Zayn jogging behind her.
"Lia?" He calls coming to a stop outside of the stables. I bite my lip and lead him to where Melody stands.
"Oh my god," He murmurs under his breath, eyes rounding out at the girl's frail body slumped over the saddle. 
"Okay, right." He walks over to Melody and goes to the other side of her, looking at the young girl's face.
"Hello?" He says softly and me and B come to stand next to him. She doesn't respond, just lifts her eyes up to look at him wearily.
"I'm going to carry you into the house, is that okay?" He asks. Her eyelids slowly close again and he runs a hand through his hair before going to the other side of Melody. Carefully, he edges the girl from her back and carries her bridle style. She whimpers slightly and from how Zayn is holding her I can see the multiple bruises and cuts trailing along her side. A huge one was marking her rib cage; visible through her torn shirt on her pale skin.

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