Cherish Me (Sequel To Rescue Me)

Sequel to Rescue Me.

Mrs Horan.
Lia still couldn't believe it.
But with something else big happening, will Niall and Lia pull through? Will they be strong enough? Or will they fall apart?


1. Belief

**Lia's POV**


I crack open my eyes, sunlight pouring through the window. I feel Niall's body beside me and I smile, turning to face him. I watch as he sleeps peacefully; the way his eyelashes flutter and spread out. The way he chews his lip every so often. I think back to when I first met him. When he first found me. Then to when he rescued me. 

I still couldn't believe I was Mrs Horan. 

There had been loads of press bother about us being together. Some claimed it was a publicity stunt. Others said it wasn't right. It got to me at first and I was paranoid about it constantly. I would be checking every newspaper, magazine and website I could find for news on us. It would break my heart when I did read it and eventually Niall stopped buying them. He said I didn't need to worry myself like that. It irritated me greatly but I knew he was just being protective of me. 

The boys were due to go on tour again later on today and it had been five months since we had been married. It still felt like yesterday. I gingerly pull the covers from me and slip out of the bed. I pull on my slipper socks and creep down the stairs. B was already in the kitchen, cooking bacon in a frying pan.
"Morning," I mumble, letting out a yawn. 
"Good morning!" She sings, turning to face me with a bright face and huge grin; frying pan clutched in hand.
"What are you so happy about this morning?" I question, taking a seat on the barstool and eyeing her suspiciously. B has been moping about all week; not wanting Harry to go. I knew she would miss him as bad as we all would but she had Tristan too. She was a great Mum but I knew she felt like she wasn't. The press had given her a hard time about it too; always commenting on what she was doing with Tristan. Harry was an amazing father and I knew that Brooke wouldn't feel comfortable without him there. Me and Belle had promised that we would help out as much as possible though; we could both see she was terrified. Belle had the experience obviously with Aaliyah and I had Jelly but Brooke had never had anyone younger than her to care for before. 
"I'm just happy that I'm cooking bacon," B sings again but I can hear the slight falter in her voice.
"B," I start with a sigh and compassionate look at her. She shakes her head at me however; her large grin falling.
"I'm fine. I'm just terrified, Lia." She sighs and starts to put the bacon on plates. She pushes one over to me and I grab slices of bread. I butter them and hand one to her. 

"We're all here, B." I say and she gives me a weak smile.


"You coming to do the horses?" I ask, putting my now empty plate into the dishwasher. 
"Sure," she says, hopping up from the barstool.
"I need to grab my boots, I'll be right back." She disappears out of the kitchen so I grab a hair band from my wrist and tie my hair up. I pull on my own boots as Brooke renters the kitchen wearing hers a few moments later.

"What time are they leaving?" I ask, pushing the wheelbarrow of dirty straw towards the heap in the corner of the field. 
"Just after 12 I think," Brooke replies sorrowfully, pushing hers too. We empty them out and then turn back towards the stables. Melody comes bounding over, excited and hungry. She follows right behind us, nudging her nose into my back every so often.
"Okay, okay. Breakfast is coming!" I laugh, putting the wheelbarrow down and patting her. 
"Star!" Brooke calls, walking out of the stables; food bowl clutched in hand. Within seconds, her huge 16hh black thoroughbred is trotting over to her and burying her face in breakfast. 
"Lia!" Jelly calls, running out of the house towards me. I smile and place Melody's breakfast on the floor. She bends down and I play with her mane as she eats.
"Morning, Jelly!" I exclaim, opening my arms and she crashes into them.
"I don't want Nialler to go," She mumbles into my chest.
"He'll only be gone for a while," I say, feeling tears come to my own eyes. Brooke shoots me a concerned look but I break out into a weak smile.
"He'll be back before you know it." I bend down to her height and brush her hair out of her face. 
"Is Tristan staying with us, B?" Iva asks, spinning around to face Brooke with large eyes.
"Yes, darling." She smiles, picking up Star's now empty food bowl. Sudden nausea washes over me and I clamp my hand to my mouth.
"Lia?" Brooke asks but I'm already half way across the field. I sprint into the house, nearly smacking straight in to Zayn and Liam on their way down the stairs.
"Lia?" Zayn calls, spotting me. I hold up one finger and rush into the bathroom where I place my head over the toilet and.... yeah.
"Urgh," I groan, running my tongue over my teeth, the bitter taste of bile coating them.
"Lia?" Brooke comes into the bathroom, Jelly behind her.
"Are you alright?" She asks as I stand up from the floor and wipe my mouth.
"Yeah," I say, filling the sink with water. I brush my teeth and then splash my face; trying to rid the hot feeling that my forehead was taking on.

"Lia?" Niall calls, softly knocking on the front room door. 
"Hey," I say, sitting up. I was on the sofa, covered in a mound of duvets and pillows. I turn the tv down and smile as he comes over. He plants a kiss on my head before sitting down beside me. 
"I don't want to leave." His voice is gentle and sad, his eyes sliding closed as he rests his kneck on the back of the sofa.
"You have to, Ni." I say, cuddling up to him. He places a hand around me and rubs it comfortingly up and down my back.
"How are you, anyway? B said you was sick earlier." He opens his eyes and turns them to me, concern filling them.
"I'm fine," I nod. I wasn't; I felt terrible. But I didn't want to worry him. I knew he wouldn't go if he knew I was ill.
"We're leaving for the airport in twenty minutes," He tells me with a sigh and I nod, biting my lip.

"I'll miss you so much," He whispers in my ear, clutching our bodies together.
"Guys!" Zayn calls from the boarding section and I watch over Niall's shoulder as Belle and Brooke kiss Harry and Louis once more before they head over.
"I'll ring you every day, I promise. I love you," He kisses my nose, slowly pulling back reluctantly. He picks up his suitcase and bends down to kiss Iva. She wraps her small arms around his neck in an embrace and I literally have to peel her from him.
"I love you," I mouth. He smiles and waves once more before dissapearing out of sight. I head over to B where she stood near the entrance to the boarding area; Tristan clutched protectively to her chest.
"We have to leave now." One of the security guards tells us. I take Jelly's hand and give Belle and Brooke a small smile. We let him and others guide us away from the boarding area. Masses of fans had turned up and were crowding the airport. We rush outside, although I wanted to stop to talk to them all. I loved talking to them; most of them were really caring and nice. Some were a bit... full on but they were just huge fans of the boys. 

I press my face against the cool glass of the window of the SUV, trying to cool myself. I felt sick again and my head was pounding.
"Lia?" Belle asks softly.
"Hmm?" I mumble in response, opening my eyes.
"Are you erm..." She trails off, her and Brooke exchanging a look.
"What?" I ask, sitting up and frowning.
"Are you late?" Brooke asks softly, casting a glance at Iva and Aaliyah playing with some dolls in the other seats.
"Late?" I crease my eyebrows confused. Then it clicks.
"I... I can't be..." I glance down and clutch a hang to my stomach.
I couldn't be. 

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