One Direction Rocked Me (Dirty Story)

PROMO: Avery Hazel is a fifteen-Canadian girl from the small town of Winnipeg. Her biggest dream - to meet One Direction lads. When Avery learned that they arrive in the small town, it has not hesitated a little and bought a ticket to the Meet and Greet. She had expected a pleasant chat with the guys and banging their appearance, but Avery was kidnapped by the same One Direction guys, and they turned into sex slaves.


8. Part 2.3 (Sexual Content)



No I did not understand why the same in a few moments I became from a modest teenage girls squirt . Zayn pulled down his pants walking , and came and pulled down his underwear. I looked at his penis. It has been more than Liam and it really reassured me . I did not want to re-start to choke ...
- I liked it before , and now enjoy , "he bit my lower lip and deep piled into my mouth with his buddy. Liam remembered the instructions and started from the first point . Teasing . Lick the tip . Still another time . Zayn appears no patience and took me by the hair , just piled into my mouth with his penis.
- Just suck it and not indulge in during the year.
- With me , doe , you will be able to enjoy , somewhere on the right - said Harry .
Zayn was holding me by the hair , preventing any respite . When he bowed down on me , retreated .
- Muck - arm along the back of your face.
Zayn turned to me and looked angrily . His angry grimace , eventually changed laughter . Began to laugh , and all the other guys. They laughed , and I was sitting on the ground, with sperm in my hair and just did not cry .
- It's disgusting ,- knit brows , and finally covered her face in tears .
Never felt so humiliated and mixed with soil. The guys stopped laughing . They looked at me and then at each other.
- I think if you did not like it - Louis said .
- We need to take the next step , Harry smiled and came to me .
- No, I - I stood up from the ground , and went backwards . - I will not let it . Already it is too much.
- Baby, you do not ask nobody - wants to or not - Louis me nail down the wall and behind They got their paws .
His fingers are still above long intervals had stopped at the bra clasp . I looked him straight in the eye. He unbuckled me bra. First of all, I took his tunic , and then removed the bra. Hands covered my breasts. I never done it and I was ashamed to stand almost naked.
- Do not be shy - Louis grabbed my hand on the chest and stared at her. Again covered my hands your breasts . Louis did not like it .
- Harry , come here , "he called curls - Hold her hand .
Man arrested me for wrists from behind . I've tried at least a little bit to move his hand, but Harry still firmly clenched .
- I want privacy , at least in some places -
incline head and hair shielded her naked body.
- Maybe you still want to cut your hair ? - Louis completely ran amuck and she pulled my hair and lifted his head. - Do not play with me .
What have you , but I did not want to lose hair . Avery , stay calm. 'll Be fine. " Ramin himself . Pull your hair as stimu-lating them from the chest.
Good - girl - Louis smiled . Hugged me around the waist and lips began to descend from the face to the chest. Lack of air in me , but I was afraid shake . I let my eyes as I watched Louis and what he will do. Boy squatted at my feet and unbuckled pants buttons bite their lip .
- Really ? - He turned to friends .
Everyone smiles and nodded Louis returned to me . He gently from the sides of my jeans was arrested and began to pull them away from my body. Shaking . I knew exactly what it will do.
- No surprises , fuel - told in the ear and let Harry 's hands.
Better it would be hard to have the time. Now they know what to do . I wanted to be necessary to cover the chest , but Louis stopped and no sound , only the lips uttered , do not try . '
- Harry to hold it - he said to himself and curls back to me .
Hazza came back to me and held hands. Louis finally took his jeans and threw me to the side somewhere . Am left with only underwear . I stood naked before the half to five hormone -treated boys . They smiled and I cried. Finally, closer to me and Niall drew his penis touched down reeling to my panties .
- Now tell me, what made you so dry ? - Confused on the question . I was very uncomfortable, so just avert your eyes to the side. Niall grabbed my jaw and screwing his face into foster an looked at eye. - Speak !
- You - whisper .
He did not like it .
- Louder !
- You are the hell are you ? - Rap into his face reddened cheeks and looked down.
Niall smiled smirk and have been in contact with me to his buddy excitedly .


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