One Direction Rocked Me (Dirty Story)

PROMO: Avery Hazel is a fifteen-Canadian girl from the small town of Winnipeg. Her biggest dream - to meet One Direction lads. When Avery learned that they arrive in the small town, it has not hesitated a little and bought a ticket to the Meet and Greet. She had expected a pleasant chat with the guys and banging their appearance, but Avery was kidnapped by the same One Direction guys, and they turned into sex slaves.


6. Part 2.1 (Sexual Content)



Part 2.1


I started to choke in order to pull this thing out of me. But Harry kept me strong, and I had no chance to escape.

-Easy. Just imagine that it's a lollipop. -Niall grinned again popped into my throat.

Candy? Eyed I watched it in the top of Niall, Zayn who is in just now put on your pants. What does it do? They think that I have a kid? Tongue across the back of a guy's penis. He groaned and looked at me surprised. Yes I have everything completed. A little teeth biting his pride.

-Uh, I thing so I want. - told Liam and quickly pulled down his pants.

Niall reluctantly pulled me out of the mouth of his penis.

-Yes, if you want to make this one bitch you dug into the cock and then forward. -He's wrapping my underwear dropped on the floor and groaned painfully.

-You said it was candy. I wanted to taste the filling, smiled ironic smile, but I was suddenly silenced Liam.

-Honey, if you bite me. I swear that I will hit much. So be submissive.




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