One Direction Rocked Me (Dirty Story)

PROMO: Avery Hazel is a fifteen-Canadian girl from the small town of Winnipeg. Her biggest dream - to meet One Direction lads. When Avery learned that they arrive in the small town, it has not hesitated a little and bought a ticket to the Meet and Greet. She had expected a pleasant chat with the guys and banging their appearance, but Avery was kidnapped by the same One Direction guys, and they turned into sex slaves.


5. Part 1.5 (Sexual Content)


Part 1.5


Harry's pushed all the guys from me, and he came close. He looked me straight in the eye, and they could see the passion.

-Feel this. -a guy they got cold hands under my blouse.

He slowly came up to hands of my tried to survive no groans.

-Let me go, I beg you! - Squeals and tried to survive no groans.

-Come on. - Zayn whispered in the car and tried to tuck under my hands unbutton his pants.

Harry lips pressed to my neck and knead boobs continue. On the one hand Zayn slipped under my thong, and he gently started rubbing my vagina. Not longer could sit groaned with pleasure.

-Well done. - Curly whispered on the lips. I left another pair of hands on her waist, and then the two legs astride me. Zayn turned back and retreated Niall pants zipper. I looked at the terrified Niall and he calmly pants.

-Ready? - Asked the blonde, when it sought to lower its long finger.

Shook my head nervously and swallowed saliva. Harry took my hair and lifted his head closer to Niall dick. Niall underwear pulled down to a few and I saw Niall erection. He took hands and walked up to me. Niall ignored it and gave me head to the lips.

Close your eyes and try to pushed head back down, but Harry did not move the big hands.

-Come on in open mouth. - Niall whispered, -Harry, open her mouth, her.

Harry pinched my cheeks optimum mouth opening your mouth, I had not time to adjust the overall length Niall ended up in my mouth.


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