One Direction Rocked Me (Dirty Story)

PROMO: Avery Hazel is a fifteen-Canadian girl from the small town of Winnipeg. Her biggest dream - to meet One Direction lads. When Avery learned that they arrive in the small town, it has not hesitated a little and bought a ticket to the Meet and Greet. She had expected a pleasant chat with the guys and banging their appearance, but Avery was kidnapped by the same One Direction guys, and they turned into sex slaves.


4. Part 1.4



Part 1.4


-No, I beg you.. Do not do it. I will anything, but not this. - Great in the earth, and I tried to sick to the strong.

-It's easy. One, two and you are free. - He kissed my forehead, because I was much lower and strongly  haul toward the car.

-Not in the car! I beg you! - He back.

I understood the sentence meaning. I wanted to say that I do not what the total accounts, but turned out not the way I wanted.

-You're right, there's not convenient. - He chuckled.

Boy dragged me back to the rest room. Then we come to the other four guys. The guy who kept me, now let me.

-Look the door. - Liam said.

Niall shut the door. Frightened I looked at them. I never expected that they would be able to do.

-So. -Harry smiled. Zayn was cute dimples. What does a smile supposed to mean?

-Why me? - I asked.

The guys looked at each other, obviously they did not expect the question thus determined.

-Well... - Protract talking Zayn checking the floor.

-Do not play, I want it! Come on! - Niall said.

I understood exactly what they want to do, tears pouring out of my eyes and cheeks roll.

Do not cry, beauty. - Wiped tears Liam.

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