One Direction Rocked Me (Dirty Story)

PROMO: Avery Hazel is a fifteen-Canadian girl from the small town of Winnipeg. Her biggest dream - to meet One Direction lads. When Avery learned that they arrive in the small town, it has not hesitated a little and bought a ticket to the Meet and Greet. She had expected a pleasant chat with the guys and banging their appearance, but Avery was kidnapped by the same One Direction guys, and they turned into sex slaves.


3. Part 1.3

Part 1.3


I decided that's it's the guys retroom.

-For the love of God! Let go of me! - Catchword amazed voice. Zayn much lowered great step from me in the ass and significantly shook.

-Shut up!

I cried out of fear. Louis and Liam watched everything from the country, as three guys tried to undress me. Now, I do not regret that I started to visit the gym, the muscles helped me. Niall stood in front of me trying to unbutton jeans buttons. It captures a good chance it great in the lower part. Niall immediately lifted and dropped on the ground.

-Somewhere in thy place, slut! Now,  you struggle, you bitch! - He started station.

I felt inhuman fear, always afraid of creaming people, and especially when it is a strong guy. Louis rushed to me, Liam and Niall kept away from me, because this no control oneself.

Was aiming into the gap between boys and calculates the distance to the door, and escaped out of the hand I found myself at the door. Placing his hand on the handle but before going further back.

-Adios amigos. - I said, and quickly ran out the door before the age of those monsters will chase. If released into the crowd began to search for his best friend Kayo. Soon I saw a mop of blond hair.

-Where were you? - She furrowed his brow.

-All right let's go.

-What? No! I still will not see your turn.- Kayo released my hand and turned away. Yes, it is true. She does not know what the shit am mired.

-And received.

-What are you talking about? Let go of me! I do both road wolf to them would agree!

-Do you see? They do not even have! - I turned to the side of the table and i saw Harry curls he looked around. Turned to go, but at the exit stood Niall. I'm booked there. I began to look and look for another exit. Even noticed how Kayo was no longer beside me. Now, the eyes started to look for her. Suddenly I felt like someone to tweak my ass and took the hand.

-Shout. - I heard Louis voice.

The guy began to lead me back to the wagon.

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