One Direction Rocked Me (Dirty Story)

PROMO: Avery Hazel is a fifteen-Canadian girl from the small town of Winnipeg. Her biggest dream - to meet One Direction lads. When Avery learned that they arrive in the small town, it has not hesitated a little and bought a ticket to the Meet and Greet. She had expected a pleasant chat with the guys and banging their appearance, but Avery was kidnapped by the same One Direction guys, and they turned into sex slaves.


2. Part 1.2

Part 1.2


Then one of the guys, even I had not time to see which is strongly grabbed me by the shoulders and dragged the wagon for signing table. After few moments I had dark inside the wagon. I was afraid to move. My kidnappers face to be seen, but I felt a strong perfume smell. Suddenly I heard the upcoming outdoor steps. The guy in my mouth, grabbed her neck gently kissing, sucking and biting it made me moan. My lips parted and from diffuse loud moaning, my Kidnapper palm of your hand in my mouth shut, just as the wagon door opened. Louis came through the door, Harry's, and Zayn'as, Niall'as. They all looked at me strangely and it's frightening. Mhhhh- Liam wither and bitten him in the palm of your hand, which has been the shut me.

-Ahh, slut! - Liam hit me in the face.

Ruffled the buccal cavity.

-What the hell are you doing? - Was grieved Louis and pushed him away from me. While Louis yelled at Liam other guys dragged me from the wagon.

-Ahh, you're so hot. - Niall whispered into the ear of his holding the lower part of the butt from me.

Zayn pushed him away from me. I'm scared... The guys stared at me like a maniac. Trembling because i had no idea what they can do for me...

-Pull off her jeans. - Liam pointed out, and remnants of the hands on the chest. I hysterically started to buck.

-Take it easy. I swear to you like it. - Harry kissed me on the neck to lower his hands on my lower part. Zayn stopped me. Niall after low unbuckled my belt.

-Wait a minute! Not here. - stopped Louis.

He looked around and pointed the finger to one of the many doors. Harry's hugged me. I began to buck, so he had lifted me up. All that we walked through the door. I looked it was a large room with more than one bed.



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