My first love .

True story about my feelings and my "love" .


7. Sixth boyfriend, Richard

We fell in like with each other by accident. It was a rush .

i was helping a girl i just met talking to him about why he would do this to her and that.. And he would tell me about how kelly was and all this stuff he couldn't say to her because he didn't want to hurt her like he did before. In the summer, I was in a different state and he was in California and him and I would start talking to each other on text instead of the girl i met .. I felt like shit. I was suppose to be helping her cuss him out and stuff but i couldn't after the feelings he have been telling me because i felt the same way , like the situation. i don't know what happened but we got together.. I usually don't like guys who'd drink and do gang stuff but i don't know how i fell for him. He would do anything to see me which i thought was cute. His hugs , his eyes , his voice was just so amazing. He would try his hardest for me but i guess the hardest just went down. I was really insecure with him because he was a good looking guy and i was just a ugly girl.. I always thought why would he want to be with me ? and all that. It was nice while it lasted. And we got into a lot of arguments. He broke up with me writing a letter  saying how we would fight like 10 year olds and telling me how beautiful i and ill find someone else. He was being nice about it which i appreciated it. 

outcome : We are friends on facebook but we don't talk in person or nothing. 

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