My first love .

True story about my feelings and my "love" .


5. Fourth boyfriend, Tin


This guy right here was one of the nicest guys ever that made me feel cute once in a while .. But i couldn't handle his freakin flirting with other girls . I get jealous a lot and he was the first guy that i experienced with freaking jealously. i hated it. The feelings inside of me was eating me to the point where i would cry. He would always tell me how I'm the only girl he's interested in but that was all bullshit because of the texts i saw him write to other girls and facebook .. he thought he could hide it from me but i guess he's the type of guy that is too nice that flirts "intentionally" . It was too much to handle for me . So i went to a park with my friend ... and Ricky and I end up giving a kiss on the lips . Yeah yeah yeah , my fault right ? Everything is my fault because till this day he hates me and he talks shit and makes up shit without coming to me and letting me explain. I told him how i felt about him flirting about other girls so he still did it. We were on and off a lot .. But i guess we ended up getting together some show. Pretty stupid. But i guess a lesson to be taught. We both said we loved each other but i didn't mean it the way it was suppose to be meant but i really did like him .. if i didn't i wouldn't have got jealous and have those rage emotions when he flirts with other girls and lies about it . I guess, when things happens even if it's right or wrong you just have to move on . You either forgive the person or not but i guess in this situation i was never forgiven. Till this day he still holds that grudge on me telling people the stories between us . Immaturity but that's okay. Someone told me he really "loved" me but i didn't feel like he did because of all the things he has done.. he doesn't even know it but if i told him he would just be blah blah blah about it. 


outcome : When we pass each other he gives me that digust look. He hate me and stil holds the grudge on me . I wish he would listen to my side of the story but that's okay . It's been 4 years .. Let it go. 

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