My first love .

True story about my feelings and my "love" .


2. First boyfriend , Danny .

6th grade i met Danny,  something about him made me have a big crush on him.. was it because he played basketball? or was it a phase? He was pretty chubby back than but it made him look super cute. I don't remember how we met but we ended up being together. Holding hands and watching him at lunch play basketball with my little "click". At 6th grade, i didn't know anything.. I guess when my friends were talking about "boys" than i got interested them as well because how we would play tag and everything. Yes in 6th grade. I was still immature. He was such a nice guy. I remember he gave me a litte teddy bear thing with a small box of chocolate and that's when he gave me my first kiss but his elbow hit me on the head when he was leaning in because his backpack was on one side. It was a awkward mistaken kiss. I'll say it was like less than a second. I remember the first guy who took my first kiss because i guess everyone has their "first" in a lot of things. A few months later, me and danny didn't work out because he was turning different. He was more into looks than personality now.. As he was maturing, he just didn't see a us anymore. I felt the same way because i don't want to be with someone who just goes for looks. I'll tell you this , i was never a skinny girl before. After he broke up with me,  i remember when he would just ignore me in the halls walking past classes and just saw me as a "ugly and fat" girl walking by.. My friends were there for me telling me he wasn't worth it. I'll admit, i wasn't too butt hurt because i was too young for "love" .. We never said i love you either. 

outcome: Till today, he is the same asshole that i have EVER MET. He is the most shallowest person ever. He still makes fat jokes about me and still trys to hurt my feelings when i don't care about him as i used to in 6th grade. I'm a 12th grader now. I guess everyone changes for the worse or better but for him , he changed to worse... Someone who i wouldn't expect. But to think about it, so what if I'm "fat" or "ugly" those are just in your eyes and apparently his eyes don't see true things. But that's okay because he isn't the only type of guy.. there's many kind of him. But i got the chance to experience it. 

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