My first love .

True story about my feelings and my "love" .


6. Fifth boyfriend, Andrew


 Oh man, he was the guy who i gave all my time, trust and a lot of stuff. 

He would probably be the first guy who made a lot of time with me. We would get into arguments way too much. We had a lot of problems the fact how i dislike some of his friends and he dislikes some of mines. We would text and talk on the phone a lot. You know when that is your daily routine. There was something about him that just made me happy for a while. We would always watch movies together like those bootleg one on the computer haha. I would always go to his house. The thing about him, he didn't have much money, but i didn't care for it all. I just cared how he treated me... As we grew together ... things started falling apart. He would always lie to me about almost everything. About who he talks to, myspace stuff, messaging stuff, meeting people, going out with his friends and SO MUCH MORE . Was i that stupid for sticking with someone like that?  I know i made mistakes in my life so i wanted to give him another chance but after he just kept pushing it. He was with someone else and with me at the same time. She was from San Diego .. Today me and her talk a little bit and we talk about the stuff he would say to us but he stayed with me for one reason .. and he had always wanted to break up but didn't tell me . She told me everything but who knew if she could've of lied to me ? I guess the truth will always be unknown. He would always flirt with other girls which made me very emotional. This was about Freshman year. I guess you can't always get what you want. We said i love you to each other but i was confused about the meaning... There's so many different kind of loves.. Freshman year my brain started to soak more information about why i "love" is given out so easily and yeah its lost its meaning but how it can it lose its meaning if doesn't really have a meaning towards me ? And i think i broke up with him because it was too much to handle for me . I was in a emotional wreck. 

outcome : We are friends on facebook but don't really talk. 

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