You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


9. truth or dare

Harry's POV 

Their children are going to be cute.  Just saying.  I didn't mean to creep her out or anything.  or not like us as much.  But I know she likes Niall.  I could tell they were both embarrassed when we walked in on them kissing.  Who wouldn't be? 

"Wanna play truth or dare?" I asked after we had finished eating.  There were nods all around.  

"Louis, truth or dare?" i asked.  

"Dare." he said mischievously.  I smiled.  

"I dare you to lick the bottom of my shoe."  He got on the floor and licked my shoe.  We played a couple rounds and it was my turn again.  

"Skylar, truth or dare?" i asked.

"Ummm, truth." She said.  I knew exactly what I was going to ask her.  

"Do you like Niall?" I instantly asked.  her face became red.  

"Um," she laughed nervously trying to waste time.  

"You have to answer," said Zayn.  Her cheeks become redder and she nodded yes.  She looked towards the ground.  

"My turn!" louis yelled.  

"No! it's-" Skylar started to protest but was interrupted by Louis.  

"Niall, truth or dare?" Louis asked.  

"Tr- dare." he answered.  Louis had an evil look on his face.  

"I dare you to tell me the truth.  Do you like Skylar?" Now it was Niall's turn to get red.  Skylar looked towards Niall.  

"Yes," he finally answered.  We started to cheer. 

Now all we had to do was get them together.


Skylar's POV

Most awkward moment ever when they asked me that, but he liked me back.  That's all I cared about.  If only he loved me.  And if only he didn't have to leave tomorrow.  Maybe there is hope for us.  I mean love is stronger than distance.  Or at least that's what the books say.  

The boys and I had agreed to pull an all nighter.  We had plenty of soda, food and games.  I just felt bad for the nurses and other patients.  They would have to hear us all night.  But it would be fun.  


At about 12:00 we still had not stopped playing truth or dare.  How we played that game for so long I don't know. Honest.  And it never once got boring.  But we needed to be more careful cause Louis nearly got kicked out of the hospital.  He was running up and down the hall screaming, "CARROTS! WHO STOLE MY CARROTS?" It was hilarious.  I hadn't had this fun in a while.  

"Niall, truth, dare, double dare, or promise to repeat?" Louis asked.  He said double dare.  

Louis thought before answering, "I double dare you to kiss Skylar on the lips for one whole minute. In front of us"

I was about  to protest but before I could say anything Niall's lips crashed against mine. At first I was shocked, but eventually I kissed, well more like made out, back.  I got the same butterflies as before.  The same magical feeling.  

I'm sure we kissed longer than one minute, but I didn't mind.  

Niall's POV

When he told me to kiss her I didn't hesitate.  Another chance to kiss a beautiful girl, who I loved.  I have only just met her but I know I love her.  It's impossible not to.  

we probably ended up making out for five minutes.  I could tell that the boys were annoyed but didn't want to say anything.  That kiss was just as magical as before.  She was the first to pull away, which left me craving more.  But i didn't want to force into anything more.  I have made the decision that when we come back from the tour I would confess my love for her.  I would do it earlier, in fact I would do it now, but I knew that it wasn't the right time.  

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