You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


5. to tell you the truth

Skylar's POV

All i asked for was some water, not for him to kiss my scars and comfort me.  Things won't get better.  They weren't supposed to see the scars.  After I am released form this hell of a place they are just going to move on and forget about me.   I know that no matter how hard I tried i would never forget them, especially.  But to tell you the truth, I didn't mind.  I liked the thought of Niall.  I liked how he kissed my scars and comforted me.  It felt good that someone noticed and did something, not just whisper to their little friends or just stare.  

Niall walked in with the nurse.  

"Oh you're awake," she said.  I nodded in response.  She took out a clipboard.  How are you feeling?" she asked.  

"Fine, it kind of hurts, especially my head." She jotted notes down on her paper.  

"Woah you're making a speedy recovery," she said astonished.  i nodded my head.  Not the first time i had heard this.  

She gave me some pain medication and walked out.  There was an awkward silence building between me and Niall.  

"Listen, Sky-" Niall started, but the rest of the boys ran through the door before he could finish.  

"We brought Taco Bell!" Harry yelled, holding up four bags.  He walked over to me and handed me a taco. 

"Thanks," I murmured.  I didn't want to eat, but honestly I was starving.  And this food is so much better than the bland hospital food.  I unwrapped the delicious taco and took a bite into it.  It tasted amazing.  I hadn't eaten a taco in so long.  I hadn't eaten anything in so long.  

We all finished our tacos.  Niall ended up eating like five.  If he eats like this all day how is he so skinny?! Unfair.  

"So how exactly did you end up on the ground by the building?" Harry asked.  All the boys shot him dirty looks.

"I uh fell." I nervously stated.  

"But no one else was up there?" I shook my head. Harry raised his eyebrows in confusion.  

"I jumped," I said quietly.  It was about time someone knew.  Everyone went silent, all you could hear was the steady beat of my heart monitor.  

"So how old are you?" asked Zayn

"17" i answered plainly.  They asked me a few more questions about myself.  

"Where are your parents?" Niall questioned.    

"Um home," I lied.  I just met them, I wasn't going to tell them my life story.  


During the afternoon I fell asleep.  I dreamed about my mom.  I haven't seen her in the longest time.  i actually kind off missed her.  I had her brown eyes and brown hair.  When she was my age, she looked exactly like me.  But years of alcohol, drugs, and violence ruined that.  Last time I saw her I was 12.  She had just gotten out of jail.  I felt like I could finally have a normal life with two parents.  But obviously she didn't learn her lesson in jail.  She got in with the wrong crowd once again, and two years later she was back behind bars.  I never forgave her for that.  I didn't have a normal family anymore, not that it was normal with two criminals as parents.  

When I awoke a few hours later, I noticed that the boys were gone. 

"Hm, figures." I muttered under my breathe.  

"Never trust boys, all they do is break hearts." My dad once said, when he wasn't drunk or high of course.  Broken heart? What am I talking about? I never loved any of them, I just met them.  Right? 

"Stop thinking so hard," I told myself.  i closed my eyes and fell asleep once again.  

Niall's POV

We didn't mean to leave Skylar all alone.  Honest.  But we had to do a concert.  We had no choice.  Luckily, management had let us a few days off here in Atlanta when we scheduled the tour.  Coincidence right? No, it was destiny.  I was sure of that.  

As soon as we finished the concert, we rushed to the van.  The fans were disappointed but Skylar was more important to me.  

Before we arrived at the hospital we stopped at the store.  I wanted to make it up to Skylar.  I picked up some flowers and a HUGE teddy bear.  Like this thing was humongous.  I'm sure Skylar would love it.  

I came across Skylar's room and knocked.  When there was no answer i walked in.  She was sleepinp.  God, she was beautiful.  I stared at her, taking in all her features.  

"Eyes off," A deep voice came.  I spun around and found a man mid-late forties.  He was short, fat, leathery skin, had a black beard, and was holding a beer.  

"Who are you?" I nervously asked.  

He nodded towards Skylar.  "Her father.  Who are you?" He said and took a gulp of beer.  

"Niall." I answered.  He looked e up and down.  

"Good choice," He muttered and looked at his daughter.  He took another big drink of beer.  I guess we had been talking to loudly because Skylar's eye fluttered open.  She sat up and rubbed her eyes.  She looked around the room until her eyes landed on her father.  

"Dad?" she said disbelief. "Why are you here?" she asked.  

"Just checking to see when you was coming home, I'm getting lonely. " he said with as much emotion as a rock.  Skylar shrugged.  "I best be getting back to the boys," he said and left the room.  

Her eyes landed on me.  Her lips curved into a smile.  

"Hi," I said cheerfully.  

"You're back," She sounded surprised.  

I nodded my head.  "Oh, um these are for uh you." I said and awkwardly handed her the flowers.  The bear was in a chair.  

"Carnations," she said and smelled the bouquet. "My favorite."

I mentally applauded myself for buying the flowers.  

"They're beautiful," she said.  

"So are you." I immediately covered my mouth.  That was meant to stay in my head.  She looked up from the flowers.  her cheeks become pink and bit her lip.  I didn't regret saying it anymore.  Right then the nurse walked in.  

"Hello," she said.  

"Hello," I echoed back.  

"Sir, I'm going to need you to leave.  I need to check Skylar.  In private." I nodded and walked to the door.  I turned around and waved to Skylar.  She blushed even more and waved back.    


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