You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


4. things will get better

Zayn's POV


Woah, Niall refused his food? What is this?! Either the world is ending or he is worried about Skylar.  I felt bad for her when we found her.  I knew she had purposefully jumped off the building.  I'm pretty sure everyone else knew it too except for Niall.  He's to focused on saving her and looking at her face, not how it happened or why there are scars on her wrist.  Why did she want to end her life? She was beautiful.  I really hate this world sometimes.  What has it come to? Beautiful girls thinking they're ugly, skinny girls thinking they are fat.  

I sat down next to Niall and pulled my phone out.  I went on twitter and followed a few fans.  I love it when girls fangirl.  Its cute.  

I looked over at Niall and found him asleep.  Poor lad.  

"Zayn, you know it was on purpose right?" Liam asked.  I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I nodded my head.  

"Niall doesn't though," I said.  Liam closed his eyes and tried to sleep.  I looked at the other lads they were all asleep.  I tried to sleep but i couldn't  I pulled out my phone and texted Perrie. 

"hey baby :) I know you're busy but i just wanted to say I love you" Maybe the thought of my beautiful girlfriend would help me sleep.  I closed my eyes. Nothing came for 30 minutes, but eventually I started to doze off.  


Skylar's POV

I don't remember much.  I recall falling a sleep on Niall's lap in the car and then being wheeled off to some room.  I slowly opened my eyes only to shut them from extreme pain.  I screamed. I heard some muffled voices. 

"Numb her! Numb her!" Someone yelled.  I'm guessing the doctors were doing something to me.  I wanted to see what.  I tried my best to keep my eyes open, but eventually the drowsiness hit me and I fell asleep.  

"I told you not to do it," the voice from the building said.  "Why did you do it?" I could feel myself begin to sweat.  The voice became louder. "Maybe you were right. Maybe you are worthless. You should have died," I recognized the voice now.  It was his voice.  The one voice i needed to forget.  I could feel myself sweat even more.  My heart was racing.  Suddenly his image appeared in my mind.  His tall frame, intense green eyes, messy blonde hair.  The person that had ruined my life because I had refused to do one thing for him.  Caleb, my abusive ex boyfriend.

Caleb and i had dated a few years back.  We had been dating a month or so when his father had died.  I was there for him, I comforted him.  After his father's death he changed.  he became abusive, demanding.  He had asked me to have sex with him.  I was only 14 and he was 17.  I refused.  At first he respected my decision, but he became madder and madder every time I refused. 

I went to his house for a party.  He got drunk and forced me in his room.  He forced me onto him and raped me.  I still have nightmares.  The next day at school he had told everyone he "played a freshman".  He showed them pictures.  Before i was a nobody, now everybody knew who I was and what happened.  teachers found out and gave me one month detention.  My dad didn't care.  In fact he applauded me.  No one cared.  No one knew the real story of what happened.  And no one would.  Ever. Period.  After that i stopped talking, not that anyone noticed a difference.  For the next two weeks every time i passed someone I'd get finger pointing, whispering from the girls, hoots and hollers from the popular group and the wanna-bes.  NO one ever looked at me the same.  I used to be the quiet, unhappy girl that always sat in the back.  Now i was the quiet, depressed, anxiety  freak slut.  

"Skylar, Skylar," a voice cooed.  I slowly opened my eyes and found blue ones staring right at me.  


Niall's POV

I woke up to someone shaking me.  

"What?" I complained.  

"Niall, she's awake!" Louis said excitedly.  i Jumped out of my chair and started to run down the hall.  

"Room 291!" Louis yelled from behind me.  

I ran into the room and found Skylar sleeping not do peacefully.  her face was red, she was sweating buckets, and she was crying.  I walked over to her and put my hand on hers. 

"Skylar, Skylar," I said while gently shaking her.  Her bright brown eyes popped opened and she seemed to relax.  

"Whats wrong?" I asked. Her face drained of color.

"N-nothing." She stuttered.  I raised my eyebrows but said nothing.  I'd let her tell me when she wanted.  


She had some machines hooked up to her for reasons of which I do not know.  She had a cast on her leg and bandages all over her body.  But she was still beautiful me.  

"Can I have some water?" She asked.  I looked around the room and handed her some water.  She took it and drank from it generously.  I sat down on a chair in her room.  

"Your shirt," She said pointing to the mascara stains she had left.  

"Oh its nothing," I blushed.  

"Come here," She motioned me towards her.  She grabbed a towel and got it damp.  She began to dab at the black stain.  This was the first time i had noticed the scars running up and down her arms.  And they weren't from the fall, they were from her.  My eyes widened and i bent down to kiss her scars.  

"Things will get better," I promised. She ripped her hands away and held them to her body.  

"Hey, its alright," I comforted.  She shook her head no. 

"Just, just go get the nurse."

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