You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


14. the visit

Skylar's POV

Over the past few days he has been haunting me more often and it seems more real now.  He being Caleb.  His blonde hair became more desirable and real, his voice sweet and enticing,  his eyes full of danger but with the feel of being welcome, his frame either protective or dangerous depending on how you look at him.  He was beautiful.  Well on the outside, but on the inside he was a monster.  Not the one that hides under your bed but the one that is respected in society.  That seems sweet and your "dream" boy.  The worst ones.  

He would talk to me in my dreams.  Say things like "see you soon," "no one can protect you" THings that made me restless at night.  

Niall was usually busy rehearsing, performing, meeting fans, and having fun.  We have talked but not nearly as much as I wish. I love him, so I am willing to do anything to keep us going.  Even though "us" didn't really exist as of right now.  


I had been fooling around on my phone when there was a knock at the door.  

"Come in?" I asked/said.  The only person that visited was the nurse.  And it was still another hour until my check up.  A man in his mid thirties came in with flowers.  Specifically yellow roses.  He handed them to me and left.  

I think they are from Niall.  Aw how sweet.  I smelled them and put them on a side table.  Just then I got an incoming call from Niall.  

"Hi," I answered on the first wrong.  

"Hey," he answered.  

"Thanks for the flowers! They are gorgeous," I said while picking one up. There was a moment of silence.  


"The yellow roses..." a thought began to stir in my head. NO it couldn't be.  He doesn't know where I am.  "uh just kidding!" I said.  I didn't want to worry him.  We talked until he had to go, so about an hour.  

My mind was racing.  I picked up the vase of flowers.  Yellow roses.  So many memories exploded in my head.  

I saw there was a note attached to one of the roses.  

"See you soon" it read.  Signed C.  My eyes widened.  It was him.  Yellow roses had been our flower.  He knows where I am and what condition I am in.  THis is not good.


If he gets me he will hurt me.  He will abuse me.  He will haunt me.  He may even kill me or the ones I love.   I was never really into religion but I prayed.  Hard and long.  I prayed to every god i could think of.  Hoping that they will help me.  Lastly I prayed to God.  He seemed the most reliable.  As a kid I had been to church a couple of times and I had read part of the Bible.


*Few hours later* 

Caleb still hadn't shown up and there had been no sign of him.  Maybe he was coming another day.  I hope so.  It would give me more time to pray and to think of what to do.  But he was going to come sometime.  I was sure of that.  When Caleb says something or threatens somebody he means it.  He will actually hurt you if you get on his nerves.  He is either dangerous to you or protective.  

There was a knock on the door and the nurse walked in.  I closed the book I had been reading and put it beside the roses.  

"There is someone here to visit you," she said plainly.  Beads of sweat began to form on my forehead.  She shook her head at me and motioned for my visitor to come in.

Caleb.  Crap.  

"Hi beautiful," he said with fake sweetness.  He came in and sat on my bed.  I scooted away. "You can leave us alone, Mara, we have a lot to talk about," he said.  His eyes never left me.  

She looked at him disgustedly.  She turned to me with a little pity in her eyes.  "I like the other one better," she mouthed.  I nodded my head vigorously.  

"I said leave!" Caleb yelled.  I looked at her desperately.  She shrugged her shoulders as if to say '"sorry".  She lingered a bit more before finally leaving.  

Caleb smiled cunningly at me.  

"What do you want?" I demanded.  

"A little pushy are we? Can I not see my beautiful girl?" he asked.  This infuriated me. 

"No! Because I am not your girl.  We ended three years ago," i said louder than intended.  He stared at me for awhile with a dirty look on his face.  He turned towards the roses.  

"Ah! I see you got the roses.  Beautiful aren't they?" he asked.  I remained silent.  

"I want to talk about us," he said while grabbing my hands.  I pulled them away and shook my head.  He started to get closer to me.  I spit in his face.  

"Did, did you just spit on me?" he asked.  

"Yeah.  I kinda did," I said rudely.  At that exact moment I got a text.  Caleb looked away from me and picked up my phone.  

"Who is this "Niall" guy?" he asked angrily. 

"A friend, " I said. 

"And a "friend" tells you that you are the most beautiful girl ever and that he loves you?" My cheeks flushed red. 

"Ah!" he threw my phone onto the bed.  "I will find this kid and hurt him for stealing my girl!" he yelled.  

"No! Don't! Leave him alone," i cried loud, this time intended.  

"So you do have feelings for him," 

"Stop!" I yelled.  He began to advance towards me quickly.  His nose was nearly touching mine.  I cried even harder and louder.  

This was horrible.   


Niall's POV

Flowers? I didn't get her any flowers.  She told me they were from her dad but he doesn't seem like the guy to do that from our last and first meeting.  I hope they weren't from another guy.  I don't want anybody going for m girl.  I loved her.  And the way she lights up the room with her smile, the way she snored quietly when she slept, her laugh, the crinkles by her eyes, her big brown eyes, how she was so strong, her everything.  There was nothing that I didn't like about her.  She was amazing.  

The fans and management better learn to accept the fact that I love her.  Of course they don't know that.  They might suspect it, but as far as I know they only know I like her.  

It was time for yet another concert.  This job was fun but also tiring.  Shows nearly every night, being away from my family and friends back home.  But the joy it brings me far outweighs the other things.  I was with my four brothers.  Singing and playing guitar was my passion.  And I love the fans.  Well, most of them.  

Skylar still has not texted me back and it has been an hour.  I doubt she fell asleep and if she had to go she would have told me.  I was getting worried.  But i put this thought aside and began my vocal warm ups with the lads.  


The crowd had been marvelous.  One of the best.  The whole time all I did was think about Skylar.  If it had affected my performance no one said anything.  

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