You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


25. short temper

Skylar's POV

It was my second day back at school.  I rode next to Grace on the bus, along with her friends.  They were okay.  They seemed a little hesitant by me or something though.  

I opened my locker and was once again showered with notes of mean names and rude comments.  there was also a picture cut from an article.  It was of me and Caleb.  It had a note attached: 'you little slut, make up your mind'

I cleaned up the papers and threw them away.  

My first class was geography.  The test was kind of hard.  You would think that it would be easy, but not to me.  It was my worst class.  

Next it was PE.  Since my injuries I got to sit out.  Thank the Lord.  

I texted Niall.  



"What's up?"

"Hanging on the bus, wbu?"

"Bored... :/" 

We started to talk about Grace and Harry again.  And how we would go on a double date with them.  It was perfect.  

"Who are you texting, Jones? Caleb or Niall?" a jock remarked.  

"Its none of your business," I said in the same tone as her.  


"Whore," I said back.  She seemed surprised.  She then turned to her friends and laughed.  

A volleyball came out of now where and hit her square in the head.  She turned and ran to the coach to complain about her hair.  I looked for the person who hit it.  I found Grace shrugging her shoulders and smiling.  

She walked over.

"She was getting really annoying.  I had to," she said.  I laughed as she went back to the game.  

Next was lunch.  Finally.  I was starving.  Grace and I sat alone.  I took out an apple and bit into it.  

"So were you texting Niall?" she asked immediately.  

"Yes," I answered.  She squealed and did some weird spasm thing.  She called it 'fangirling'.  She also uses the terms 'feels' 'i can't even' and 'asdfghjkl' a lot. 

"Do you have Harry's number?!" she asked. I nodded my head.  She got a mischievous look on her face.  
"Want me to text him?" 

She nodded her head vigorously.  I took out my phone and texted Harry.  

Grace leaned over my shoulder, waiting for a reply.  

"Grace, can you give me some room. You're-"  Beep Beep.  

She grabbed my phone.  

"OMG! he said 'hey" with a smiley face!" She started freaking out.  

"Grace calm down," I nervously laughed.  

She took some deep breathes and handed my my phone.  I texted him back.  The rest of the lunch period was pretty much the same.  Grace breathing on my neck, waiting for a reply.  And then freaking out.  

Algebra II was my next class.  I walked in.  Everyone stared at me.  Its not like I was late.  

I walked to my desk and set my book down, everybody's eyes following me.  I stood up.  

"Will you stop staring at me!?" I yelled.  "Its annoying! And makes me feel uncomfortable." 

The teacher walked in and told me to take my seat.  When I finished the test, the teacher called me over.

"The principal would like to see you in his office." 

I sighed and headed for the office.  

"What is the meaning of this Skylar?" he asked.  

"I lost my temper," I explained.

"You yelled at them?" 

I nodded my head.

"Every time I walk into a classroom they all stare at me.  They keep staring at me.  And calling me names.  Its annoying," I said, softly.  He looked at me with sweet eyes.

"If it's still bothering you tomorrow come talk to me.  Don't yell at them." 

"Thank you." I stood up and left the room. 

Grace was waiting right outside the door. 

"What happened?!"

"I kinda blew up in Algebra," I said.  She nodded understandingly.  We walked to the bus.

"My house again?" she asked.  

"Sure," I smiled.  

We rode to her house and went to her room.  

Niall and I decided we were gonna Skype each other.  He would make sure Harry would notice and come over.  Grace would be with me and boom! 

I pulled out my laptop and opened Skype.  

"Is it alright if I Skype Niall?" I asked.  

Her eyes got wide with excitement.

"Yes! Of course," she freaked out.  

I called Niall.  He answered on the second ring.  

It finished connecting and his face popped up.  Grace screamed and fell onto her bed.  

"That's Grace." I told him.  

"Oh.  Nice to meet you Grace," he said loudly, so she could hear him.  Grace spazzed.  

After a few minutes of calming her down in the bathroom she was ready to come out and act normal.

We talked and laughed.  Niall laughed and talked extra loud so Harry would notice.  

Eventually Harry walked into the room.  I saw Grace tense with excitement.  

"Oh hi Harry.  Come over here," Niall said to him.  He walked over and his eyes immediately fell on Grace and never left.  She blushed.  I elbowed her in the side.  She perked up. 

"H-hi-i," she managed to squeak out.  

"Hey," he said.  I could just tell that inside she was screaming.  

"Harry, this is my friend Grace, Grace this is-"

"Harry Styles," he finished for me.  

"Trust me I know who you are.  I have your face on my wall," Grace said.  I expected Harry to be creeped out but instead he laughed.  

We talked until they had to go.  As soon as the call ended Grace screamed.  

"I cannot believe I just spoke to Harry and Niall from One Direction!" she started 'fangirling'.  I couldn't help but laugh.  

Harry's POV

I walked in the kitchen to get some juice.  There was loud laughter coming from Niall and his computer.  I guessed he was talking to Skylar.

"Harry come here," Niall said.  I took my juice and sat by him.

 Skylar was there.  But she wasn't alone.  My eyes drifted to the person sitting next to her and they never moved.  She was gorgeous.  brown hair with blonde highlights. Greenish, grayish, bluish eyes that sparkled.  She had an amazing smile.  I saw a One Direction poster in the back ground.  She was a fan.  She seemed kind of crazy but it was cute.  

I could tell that inside she was dying.  This was who Niall was talking about.  Grace.  Wow.  



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