You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


26. shopping

Skylar's POV

After we had finished talking to the boys and Grace had calmed down, we decided to go shopping for prom dresses.  I little late, I know, for a prom this Saturday. We could choose any colors, dresses, designs, or accessories.  It was all up to us.  

We went to some store downtown.  It had a lot of dresses of all assortments.  It was truly amazing.  

We spent hours there.  Trying to decide.  We wanted to look gorgeous obviously, but I was trying to sty away from anything attention grabbing.  I already had enough.  Grace. on the other hand was looking for something fun.  

There were paparazzi taking pictures the whole time.  It got really annoying.  BUt they gave us some opinion on the dresses.  A few fans even came up and asked for a picture with us.  With little old me. It surprised me greatly.  Grace seemed perfectly fine with it.  She posed for some of them.  Hoping that, and I quote her, "Harry would see me on the cover or internet and remember me and look at my radiant beauty, and fall for me.  Then we would get married and have beautiful kids." 

That's what she said.  

"If I gave you his number would that help?" I asked.  

She looked at me wide eyed. 

"YES!" she said, very loudly.  I gave her his number and she texted him. 

"Ah! He replied!" she said moments later.  The cameras were getting all of this.  THis will be interesting.  

I picked a gorgeous very light pinkish or something colored dress.  It had a sweetheart neckline and was plain but pretty.    It was strapless and short. I decided to try it on.  (her dress) 

I walked out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror.  

"Skylar, that's gorgeous.  My god you look amazing in it!" Grace gasped.  The photographers looked at me and gave me a thumbs up.  It was perfect for me.  It wouldn't grab too much attention either.  It had a pretty beautiful price tag too, if you know what I mean.  

"Okay, I'll get it."

I started to search the racks with Grace.  I found one that was very fun and totally Grace.  It was orange and pink.  Strapless with a bejeweled sweetheart line.,r:71,s:0,i:309&iact=rc&page=3&tbnh=182&tbnw=109&start=56&ndsp=32&tx=69&ty=151 (her dress)

I handed it to her and she went and tried it on.  

"Drum roll please," she said from behind the door.  Me and the paparazzi banged on seats, doors, walls.  She opened the door and walked very dramatically.  We all cheered.  It was beautiful.  

We paid for our dresses and went back to her house.  We both agreed that we would go to the senior end of the year prom together.  


I walked back home for dinner.  I made Dad and I sandwiches.  So fancy.  I even added some mayo.  Woah there I think I need to calm down.  

I went upstairs and started to look for a dress I could wear to graduation.  When I  was young my mom gave me some of the dresses she had.  They were okay.  I also had a few nice dresses from dates with Caleb.  And other random things.  Because my mom was in jail and my dad was a single parent with a kid, we got a check from the county every month.  Like my mom was still working a minimum wage job.   

After searching my closet head to toe and going through boxes of my mom's old stuff I found one I liked.  It was a dark blue with tank top straps.  It came above my knees at a perfect length.  It had a flower pattern pattern for most of it.,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNF_NqYiQU6h8CTA6L5Qfuc6OZkPHw&ust=1372616929136132 (the dress) 

Believe it or not it was my mom's.  Its not like my mom is super old.  She just looks it.  I guess she actually had a sense of style because there are some pretty nice things in here.  Shoes, jewelry, dresses, clothes.  How had I not gone through these before? 

Maybe my mom wasn't that bad.  She did come to visit me in the hospital.  


I stopped thinking about my mom and started studying. Tomorrow I had art, spanish, and some writing class finals.  

Niall Skyped me.  

"Hi," I said, my face buried in my Spanish book.  

"Watcha studying?" 

"Spanish," I said, my face never looking up.  

"Oh." He then said something fluently in Spanish.  

"Um..I'm not that good." 

He said something different slowly.

"I am hungry?" I asked.  He nodded his head.  "Then go get food," I said.

"I can't." 

"Why not?"

"Paul's in the kitchen," he whispered.  

"Oohhh, so scary." 

We eventually said goodbye and I climbed into my bed.  I fell asleep nearly instantly for a change.  I wasn't so scared anymore.  


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