You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


27. park

Skylar's POV

Today we had art class.  My favorite and by far my best class.  Not to mention the teacher was amazing.  

I walked into the classroom with my head high.  All we were gonna do is draw or paint or whatever we wanted during class.  I decided to just sketch in pencil.  

Thinking back to my previous artwork it all seemed so depressing.  Which is how I felt.  I expressed my feelings through my art.  I wasn't exactly sad at the moment.  So i decided to draw a huge beautiful tree blowing in the wind.  

As I drew more I added more things.  Birds in the tree.  Grass surrounding the roots, some of it dead.  I drew dark skies, as though a storm approaching.  It was good.  

I looked up from my work and realized everyone had left.  Luckily it was the last class of the day.  I stood up and walked over to Mr. Wallner's desk.  I showed it to him.  

"Skylar, this is gorgeous.  The detail you have, the storm approaching, and the dashes of color you added.  Magnificent," he complimented. 

"Thank you," I smiled. He handed it back to me.

"Have you ever thought of attending art college or school?" 

"The thought crossed my mind, but there is no way we could afford it.  I don't really have the grades either," I told him truthfully.  

"Well, I think you should.  YOu definitely have a future career.  Your work is despressing, yet very unique."

I smiled and nodded my head.  I walked to my locker and got ready to go.  When I slammed it shut Grace was waiting for me.

"What took you so long?" She complained.

"Sorry, I was drawing."

"Ooohh let me see," she said and grabbed the paper out of my hand. "Woah, Skylar, this is amazing!"

"Thanks," I said, "let's go to the park today." I grabbed her hand and we raced outside.  


We walked to a park by a small lake.  The water looked beautiful.  I walked up very close to the edge.  

"Don't fall in!" Grace warned.

"I won't," I said, looking into the water.  

I suddenly felt a push.  I lost my balance and began to fall.  I fell into the cold water.  Down, down, down I went.  Finally my head emerged and I took a big breathe.  

Grace was laughing at the water's edge.  She had pushed me in.  I shook my head and laughed. 

"At least help me out!" I said.

"Fine," she sait, still laughing.  She stuck her hand out and I grabbed it.  I began to pull her in.  She screamed and fell in.  It was my turn to laugh.  

We laughed at each other and how bad our hair, make up, and clothes looked.  We splashed and kicked the water at each other.  Laughing like we were high the whole time! We got a lot of disapproving looks from a lot of the passersby.  Especially mothers with small children.  

We slowly got out and laid on the grass in a sunny area.  We wrung our clothes and hair out.  

"So have you been talking to Harry a lot?" I asked with a wink.

"Yeah so far."

"Oohh," I teased.  

"But what if he thinks of me as just a friend.  Like that wouldn't be bad.  But ugh he's just so perfect!" 

I laughed at this.  

"I think he likes you.  Definitely. "

"Really?!" Her whole face lightened up.

"From what Niall tells me Harry smiles like a complete idiot when he's texting.  Its probably you! And when we Skyped him he never took his eyes off of you!" I said honestly.  

She suddenly became extremely happy and started to like spaz out or something.  She said it was a fan thing.  Which I believe.

"We have to hook you guys up when they are done with their tour," I told her.

She nodded her head energetically. We both laughed.

"I can't believe we graduate tomorrow!" Grace said on the walk back home.

"I know! Its hard to believe," I said.   

We talked about graduation while walking. Although it was mainly Grace jabbering about how exited she is.

 I was fairly dry now.  MY hair was still damp though and God knows what my make up looked like.

"After graduation there's a party at my house, you should come.  Not many people are coming.  Just some of my friends. They'll love you I promise," she said reassuringly.  

"Okay, I will.  No promises I'm gonna talk though!"

She nodded her head.  

We arrived at my front door and we said our goodbyes.  She then walked down the sidewalk and turned on her street.

When I walked in Dad was sleeping on his recliner with a can of coke in his hand.  Well that's a change.   

I began to walk up the stairs.  

"Skylar that you?" My dad called.  

"Yeah!" I yelled.

"Can you come here?"

On a regular day I would have been scared.  But he didn't sound angry or drunk.  He sounded fairly normal.  

"Yeah?" I sat on the couch.  

"Um graduation is tomorrow," he said, i nodded my head, "how about after we go out to eat? You can choose."

I smiled.  This was side of my dad that I rarely saw.  I liked it though.  It made me feel happy and safe and loved.  

"Sure," I said.

"DO you have something nice to wear?" He asked. 

"Yup," I said.  He smiled.

"Good," he closed his eyes.

I began to walk away.  

"Dad?" I asked.


"Um tomorrow and tonight can you lay off the beer and cigarettes?" I asked hesitantly.  

"Sure, anything for you." he answered.

I really liked this side of him.  

"K, night," I said.

"Love you," He said.  I stopped dead in my tracks. I don't even remember the last time he said that to me.

"Love you, too, Daddy."

IT had also been forever since I had called him 'daddy'.  I couldn't stop smiling.  THis was amazing.  Maybe just maybe my dad would start ti act more like this and lay off the alcohol if he saw how happy it made me.  

I went upstairs and took a nice, long, hot shower.  


Dad's POV

I decided to not drink today.  I don't know why.  Maybe it had been those kids at the store staring at me.  Or Skylar yelling at me.  I loved her, I really did.  It wasn't going to be easy but I was going to try and give up for her.  I saw how happy it made her.  Calling me daddy, saying she loved me.  It was nice.  It really was.  

A part of me hoped she would wear one of her mother's old dresses.  She would look beautiful in it.  It would make her mom proud.  

She was going to be coming out of rehab/jail in a few months.  I don't know how Skylar was going to react to this.  I hope she's forgiving.  That way maybe we can actually live like a family.  Like old times.  


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