You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


10. not so fun night

Skylar's POV 

Niall grabbed my hand and held onto it.  Butterflies.  Majorly.  I couldn't help but notice that our hands fit perfectly together.  Like they were made for one another.  

About half way through the night we got a knock at the door.  Probably a nurse or patient telling us to shut up.  Louis casually walked up to the door like he had done 50 times that night alone.  But what we saw surprised me greatly.  It wasn't a nurse.  Nor a doctor.  It was a lady in an orange jumpsuit, hands cuffed, and two police officers behind her.  My face turned pale.  Same hair, eyes and smile, only slightly altered and older.  My mother.  I squeezed Niall's hand a little tighter. 

Why she came in the middle of the night I don't know.  Maybe not to freak out patients, or even worse the nurses.  They always overreacted over little things. 

"W-what are y-you doing h-here?" I stuttered nervously.  I hadn't seen her in awhile.  She smirked. 

"Can't I visit my own daughter?" She laughed.  

"You never have before, or requested one from us," I shoot back.  She looked kind of guilty.  

"The good thing is that your okay," she said, trying to be sincere.  I nodded my head slightly.  She looked at the boys and muttered something under her breathe.  She looked over at Niall. 

"Nice fella you got there," she said.  "but what happened to that nice Caleb boy?" she asked.  My face become even more paler and i held on tighter.  

"Um," I shook my head, "that was three years ago..." I trailed off.  She became silent.  

"Aren't you going to introduce me?" she asked kind of rudely.  I nodded my head and introduced her.  

"One Direction," she murmured. 

After that things became more and more awkward.   My mom and i were never close.  I didn't even call her mom really.  Just you or didn't address her at all.  Finally after a silent five minutes she came to me and gave me an awkward hug.  I didn't hug back.  She drew back and nodded once, letting out a deep sigh.  She backed to the door.  

"Love you?" She asked more than said.  I said nothing and watched her walk out the door.  


I felt bad for the boys.  they were just there.  Didn't really do anything but listen.  After she left I turned to the boys.  

"want to finish our game?" We had been playing cards.  They slowly nodded their heads, avoiding my eyes.  I took the first turn.  

"Hand me your eights," i said to Zayn.  He did nothing   No one said anything.  I sighed and put my cards down.

"What is up with you guys?" I demanded.  I knew if they found out something real about my life they would be like this.  Eventually Niall met my eyes.  As habit, my cheeks turned pink.  

"Mom?" he choked.  I nodded my head and gulped.  

"She's in?" Louis asked not completing his question.  I nodded again.  

"I thought she was..." Harry started.  

"Home?" Liam finished.  I shook my head.  

"And your father?" Zayn asked.  

"Should be with her." I answered truthfully.  there was no use in hiding anything now.  Things were silent once again.  

"Lets just get back to the game," I said.  No one moved a muscle.  I sighed.  

"What now?" I demanded harsher than I intended.  

"Who's Caleb?" what a surprise, Niall asked.  I thought sarcastically.  

"Someone I dated a few years back," I said getting on with the point.  

"What happened?" He pushed.  I took a deep breathe through my nose.  

"He was a douche and things happened, okay?" They all nodded their heads like they didn't quite fully understand but didn't want to push further. Good choice.  When I was mad, I was mad.  

About 4:00 all the boys fell asleep.  After that little scene no one was really up for games.  I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but I couldn't.  I had this weird pain in my chest.  Must be a side affect from the medicine.  

"Skylar?" niall's voice asked.  

"What?" He took a deep breathe.  

"What happened?" he asked nervously.  I thought for awhile before answering. 

"He was a senior, I was a freshman.  His dad died and things were tough for him. There was a party and he took things a little to far.  He told everyone at school and that was it.  Happy?" I said rudely.  Couldn't they just let me be? I understand they wanted to know and were trying to help me but still. I guess it's good to let it out to somebody.  But to tell you the truth I was scared.  Scared they wouldn't look at me the same.  Especially Niall.

"That can't be the whole reason you jumped?" I shook my head.  I could feel the tears in my eyes, tempting to spill over.  

"He haunts me.  When I'm awake, asleep." I admitted.  I looked over to Niall for the first time in awhile.  He was staring at me, but this time I didn't blush.  He pulled me close to him.

"He scares you?" He asked.  I nodded my head.  

"But," I started but stopped.  I didn't want to say.  

"But what?" He asked.  I gulped and waited a minute.  

"When I'm with you he's not there.  Its as if he never existed," I told him truthfully.  I looked at him.  He was smiling.  I smiled too.  I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.   

One hour later and I'm still not sleeping. Niall is, I can here his snoring.  And Harry's too.  But that's not the problem.  I'm thinking too much.  I'm worrying about the future.  Niall is leaving today.  And I'm left here alone, then I go with my dad and things are back to normal.  I don't want them to go back.

Niall's snoring stops.  "Niall?" I whispered.  

"Huh?" He sleepily answered.  

"What happens when you leave?" I sadly ask.  He laughed quietly.  

"Well we go on tour and you go back home.  But we call and text and skype whenever we have the chance.  And then when we are done with the tour I come back here." 

"Don't you want to visit your family?" He nods his head.  

"Yes, but you are more important.  I've known my family my entire life.  I just met you.  And if things work out then you can come with me." He suggested.  This made me smile.  Maybe he was serious about us.  Maybe I would be alright.  It may be a long time but I'll wait.  Anything for Niall.  

I closed m eyes once again, but this time I did fall asleep.  

Niall's POV

I meant every word that i said to Skylar.  I would come back for her.  She would meet my parents.  And we would talk as often as possible.  

When she said that I made her feel safe, that Caleb didn't haunt her while I'm here, it made me happy.  It felt good to know i was protecting somebody, but it made it even better knowing I was protecting someone I loved.  I would be her partner.  I would help her with her family.  I could tell things were hard.  With her dad a criminal and deserving of jail and her mom in jail.  She looks so much like her mom.  Or I suspect she did.  She looks quite worn and old now.  

But when she visited Skylar didn't accept her.  As if she was a monster.  She never even called her mom.  I don't know her whole family background, but to say that to your own mother it must have been hard.  


During the night Skylar didn't sleep so easy.  She tossed and turned.  And occasionally put her hands over her chest like it hurt.  I hope she was alright.  

By the time I fell asleep it was early early morning.  The sun was beginning to rise and it's rays were peering through the blinds.  

I awoke two hours later to violent shaking of Skylar and the heart monitor beeping widly.  The last thing i remember is being pulled out of the bed by the nurse and pushed out of the room.  The boys were ahead of me.  Several doctors rushed into the room and yelled things to each other. 

Something bad was happening.  And i had no idea what it was or if she would survive.  Heck I didn't even know if she was alive anymore.  My eyes welled with tears.  I finally find a special person.   person who is perfect for me.  A person I've only known for days.  And I could possibly lose her.  Not just her heart, but her life.  

Zayn's POV

I remember waking up.  I was Skylar sitting up in bed clenching her chest and crying.  I blinked.  When i opened them she was on the bed crazily shaking.  Her heart monitor began to race and the lines went up and down drastically.  It kept going faster and faster.  I ran out and yelled for help.  A few doctors came out and ran to the room followed by the nurse.  I tried to walk back in but the nurse pushed me back and shook her head.  She then went in and got all the boys out.  We were all confused and tired.  No one knew what was happening.  There were yells and a bunch of sounds coming from inside her room.  

I could see Niall was about to cry.  He loved this girl and she was plucked out of his grip.  Not entirely yet, but almost.  So very close.  The worst part was knowing that we had to leave soon and had a strict schedule to follow.  I looked at my watch about one hour til we had to go.   

Liam's POV

Skylar, oh my god.  I had already been awake for about five minutes and was twitter.  Skylar began to stir.  She sat up and began to cry.  Cry really hard.  

"Skylar?" I asked and put my phone down.  She cried even harder but this time she held her chest.  I swiftly walked over to her.  

"Skylar!" I said once again.  She looked up at me, pain in her eyes.  

"" She said between grunts of pain.  I stood there and didn't move a muscle.  I coulnd't.  She shook. After that all hell broke lose. Her monitor went wild, different machines beeped and flashed.  Her cries of pain got louder and more constant as her ears became bigger and rolled down faster.  I saw Zayn run out and come back with doctors.  The nurse forced us out and closed the door.  What just happened?




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