You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


42. mistake

SKylar's POV

"What about this one!" Grace and I laughed as she said the weird flavor of chips.  

"Eww waffles flavored.  That's disgusting!"  

We stuck with the original Lays and headed to the checkout.  We had tons of ice cream, chips, candy, and all sorts of junk food.  We were going to spend the weekend at my house watching chick flicks and getting fat.  How else would you spend your weekend?

Grace's smile fell as she looked towards the magazines.  

"What?" I asked.  My eyes followed her gaze.  

I walked over to the magazine and picked it up.  On the cover was Niall and Harry eating some girls' faces off.  Curious and heart broken I began to flip through it.  

"Skylar-"  I put my hand up.    

I set the magazine down next to our other items.  

"You shouldn't do that," Grace said.  

"We have a right to know.  And if they aren't going to tell us, I'm going to find out for myself."

I wiped away a stray tear that had rolled down my cheek.  WE payed for out items and got into her car.   

"Sky, are you alright?"

"Just fine.  Can we do this thing another weekend? I'm not feeling so good...." I lied.  

"Listen, I'm broken too."

"YOu sure don't sound like it," I snapped.     I looked over at her.  As if on cue, we both burst into tears.  


I slowly trudged up the stairs into my room, magazine in hand.  I closed the door behind me and fell onto my bed.  I slowly opened the magazine and turned to the cover story.  

"Boyband members Niall Horan and Harry Styles were recently found snogging their model girlfriends.  Zoe Whelan, Niall's girlfriend, and Kara Marshell, Harry's girlfriend, were found leaving the boys' hotel just weeks earlier.  Could the Irish lad finally have found his princess?"  

I closed the magazine, not being able to finish the article.  I pulled the covers over me and sobbed into my pillow.  

"And that's what makes you beautiful..." My phone rang.  

I looked at the caller ID and hit 'decline'.  I didn't need to talk to him.  Correction, I didn't need him.  Right? 

I knew it was real.  If it was fake, he would have told me.  I mean I told him everything.  I told him how I felt.  He couldn't honestly think that I wouldn't find out.   What was I thinking? I let myself fall too hard and fast for a guy that could never be there.  Who probably didn't even really care.  IT was probably just a pity friendship.  He felt sorry for me.  Sorry that I had no one.  I had given my virginity to him.  I had been planning to keep that and save it for someone special.  But truth was Niall was special. WEll at least to me.  I might not be special to him at all.  

Why would he do this? If he wanted to end things with me why couldn't he just tell me? IT would save me so much heartbreak.  

I sobbed into my pillow.  My phone kept ringing but I ignored it.  The only person that probably cared was Grace right now.  I sobbed even harder.  

"SKylar are you okay?" My dad knocked on the door.  

"Just peachy," I said, trying to convince myself more than my dad.  Even though I knew I was the opposite I still said it.  I heard him sigh and leave.  I don't know if I was grateful or angry that he barely even cared.  I threw my pillow across the room.  

My curiousness got the best of me.  I opened my laptop and went onto google.  I regretted what I searched.  IT broke me even more.  But maybe it was for the best.  Maybe Niall and I just weren't right.  I looked at the pictures I had taped to my wall.  Prom.  The hospital.  I smiled slightly to myself.  I looked like crap.  Of course Niall had convinced me that I looked amazing.  I took all of them down and threw them in the trash.  

THe phone calls and texts kept coming in.  I shut off my phone. Make it seem like I was busy.  Or simply had forgotten to pay the monthly bill.  

I opened my drawer full of drawings.  I came across the one I drew of him.  I smiled, but it instantly faded.  I crumbled the paper up and threw it away along with the pictures.  

I knew I was probably overreacting.  But you wouldn't do the same? Or maybe you would actually answer the calls.  But it's hard when the person that fixed you, that mended your broken heart, that saved you, broke you.  And this time I would be harder to fix.  THis is what I get for putting my heart out there.  For putting down my guard.  But in all honesty what was I expecting? He was in a world famous boyband.  And right now he was halfway across the country.  He was a popstar.  Why would he wait for me? Why would anybody.  

I stood up and walked into the bathroom.  My make up was a complete mess.  I looked like a monster.  I washed it all off and reapplied.  If Niall couldn't love me, I knew someone who would.  

I pulled on my shoes and grabbed my purse.  I didn't bother leaving a note for my dad, he would probably think I was at Grace's.  Besides I wasn't going to be gone that long.  

I opened the door and stepped out.  The wind whipped across my face as I walked down the sidewalk.  I approached my destination.  I took a deep breath and walked up the porch steps.  Before I had time to think over my decision and regret it I rang  the doorbell.  I heard a slight groan and the familiar sound of footsteps.  

Never in a million years would I picture myself here.  The door swung open and revealed Tyler with a sandwich in hand.  


"Skylar?" He said after he swallowed the food in his mouth.  Before I could register what I was doing I leaned in and grabbed his face, forcing his lips onto mine.  I stumbled inside the house after him.  He shut the door with his foot.  

"I've been waiting for you to do that," He said with a smirk.  I bit my lip.  He forced himself onto of me.  

He picked me up, out lips never losing connection, and took my upstairs.  We walked into what I;m guessing is his bedroom.  He dropped me onto the bed.  HIs lips went to my neck as he began to suck.  

 I reached my hands down and fumbled with the zipper, but eventually got his pants down. The lump in his boxers was growing bigger and harder.  Next thing I knew was we were both lying naked in his bed.  What had I just done?




I sobbed quietly to myself as I sat up in Tyler's bed.  He had fallen asleep an hour ago.  His naked body under the covers as he snored softly.  I just had sex with Tyler.  What had I done? I did the one thing I told myself I would never do. I cried harder.  I slowly stood up and walked into his bathroom.  

 With much trouble, I found his razor and set it on my wrist.  I closed my eyes and took in a deep breathe.  

"Promise me you'll never cut again."

"I promise."

The old conversation with Niall ran through my head.  I promised.  

"Don't self harm again." The nurse's voice rang.  

The razor clattered to the floor.  I couldn't do it.  I promised.  He may have broken my heart, but I still loved him.  And that was never going to change.  NO matter how much it should.  A promise is a promise.  

I walked back to the bedroom and quietly slipped my clothes back on.  I opened the door.  The stairs seemed to go on forever, but I eventually reached the bottom.  I pulled open the heavy door and stepped out.  I checked the time.  3:11 am.  Saturday morning.  

I walked farther and farther.  I had no idea how to get there, but I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  Sooner or later I arrived at my destination.  

I pulled out my phone and left a voice mail for my dad.  I didn't want him to worry.  He already had too many things on his plate.  

I looked up at the big building.  I took a deep breathe and heaved open the doors.  

"Welcome to Murphy's Hospital for Unstable.  HOw can I help you?"

"I'd like to check myself in." The lady looked confused but pursued on.  I was checking myself into a mental asylum.  It was the best thing.  

"What's your name?"

"Katie Greyson."



Aw snap.  Sorry if it was kind of sad, but it had to happen. THings will get better, I promise.  

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