You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


39. meeting the models

Niall's POV

I was most definitely not looking forward to meeting them  They were models.  Meaning they were tall, thinner than paper, and filthy rich.  Not to mention flawless.  I had nothing personal against them.  I mean models were great.  But not when you were forced to date one while you're in love with another girl.

There were knocks at the door.  I stood up and brushed the crumbs off my sweats and t shirt.  I didn't need to impress them.  Harry was dressed in basketball shorts and a t shirt.  Honestly, this is how we looked when we were at the hotel or on the bus.  Like we didn't give a shit about what we wore.  And that was precisely true.  

I opened the door.  Standing in front of me were two girls our age.  You could already tell they were models.  One had brown hair and eyes.  She was wearing high waisted shorts, a crop top, some fancy brand of shoe i think they called oxfords, and she held a starbucks in her hand.  

The other one looked older.  She, also carrying starbucks, had dyed white hair with a hint or purple.  YOu could tell it was dyed because some of her roots were showing.  She had bright blue eyes.  She was wearing  extremely short shorts, a v-neck, and some fancy sort of sandal.

"Come in," I said with no emotion. 

Once in, I closed the door behind them and went into the kitchen.  I sat at the table, munching on doritoes.  Harry sat next to me.  They slowly and awkwardly sat down. 

"Niall Horan," I said not looking at them.

"Harry Styles," Harry said.

"We know who you are," one of them said.  I didn't know who, but honestly I couldn't care less.

"Yeah but we don't know who you are," Harry said kind of rudely.  

"Zoe Whelan," the brown eyed and haired one said.

"Kara Rose Marshall," the other one said, sipping her drink.

We said nothing.  I pulled out m phone and pretended to text someone. 

"Why are you guys so like rude and boring," Zoe, i think, said.

"Maybe cause we don't really you.  I would really prefer not to date one of you," I said. 

They looked kind of offended.  Harry looked at me, laughter in his eyes.  

"I'm dating you, Niall," Zoe said.

I think she was Irish.  But honestly I couldn't tell.  But I sure as hell didn't care.


"I have you, Sexy Styles," Kara said flirtatiously.

"Don't call me sexy.  Ever," Harry said.  

Kara looked down.  

"We don't want to date you either," Zoe snapped.

"Mhm, sure ya don't," I said. 

"We don't!" Kara backed her up.

"That's why you have this on your twitter," I said handing me her phone.  She had tweeted me and the boys a lot.  Her cheeks grew pink.  

"You were stalking my twitter?" she asked.

"Yeah." I shrugged my shoulders.

"So you do want to be with me," she said.

"No.  I need to find more about you.  And I really don't want to aks you.  Cause that would require talking to you," I said.  

We were being rude.  But I couldn't help it.  Their reactions were priceless.  

"Listen, if this is going to work out we need to stop snapping at each other and actually try,Z" Kara said.

"Can't you see we don't want to try? We don't want to date you.  Even if it's not real," Harry said. 

"Just act like you're actually interested in us.  K Horan, Styles."

"That's going to be hard."

Zoe shot me a look. I smiled rudely at her.  

"Well we're leaving."

"OKay bye," Harry said.

"Tomorrow is our first date.  Don't be late in picking us up.  And actually look nice."

And with that they left.

As soon as the door shut closed Harry and I burst into laughter, but then got quiet.

"How are we supposed to do this?" Harry asked.

"I don't know.  Management said no one can know its fake."

"They are going to be crushed."

I nodded my head.  Skylar and Grace were going to be hurt.  We'll just tell them that the models are just friends.  Maybe.  I didn't want to hurt Skylar.  IT was only for a month.  Maybe she would barely even know.  Just think that it's some rumor.   



Next day, Still Niall's POV

I rolled out of bed.  Today we had to go on a stupid date.  I think we were going to a movie and then some restaurant.  Fantastic.  I had to actually be into Zoe.  That thought gave me shudders.  Yeah she was beautiful, but she was snotty.  I didn't like her.  Let alone 'interested' in her.

I quickly took a shower.  I put on shorts and my 'crazy mofo' shirt.  I was almost tempted to change it because i didn't want my favorite shirt any where near that brat, but the doorbell rang.  It was Paul forcing us outside.  We had to go pick them up.  

I pulled out my phone and called Skylar. She didn't answer.  I called her again.

"Hello?" she said.  There was commotion in the back ground.

"You know I love you right?" I asked.

"Yes of course."

"Forever and always.  No matter what," I said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah love you too," she said, clearly in a rush. There was more noise.

"K i gotta go.  Bye babe, love you," she said and hung up. 

I had to let her know that I loved her.  Hopefully she would remember that.  

No matter what has happened in the past, or what will happen in the future I will love her.  Nothing can stop me from that. She will always be my first, and hopefully, only love.  

"Niall, let's go!" Paul motioned us out of the car.  We were in front of a hotel.  

"Go into the lobby.  They should be there."

Harry and I slowly made our way to the lobby.  There were a few paps there.  

"Please leave us alone," I prayed in my head.

They weren't there.  Harry and I waited in the lobby ten minutes before they came down.  

Zoe was wearing a blue dress, sweater, and white wedges. A little over done if you asked me.  her face was covered in make up.  Apparently they didn't believe in more of a natural look for make up.

I looked at Harry and we both groaned.  We hated make up.  Girls' were even prettier without it.

Kara walked behind her.  She had on a pink skirt and a black lacey top.  She was wearing black heels.  They looked as if they were going to a movie premiere, or a fancy date rather than the movies and Applebee's.

"You guys ready?" Kara asked.

"As I'll ever be," I muttered under my breath.  

We walked out.  The few pap there turned around and snapped some pictures. Zoe grabbed my hand. I squirmed away.

"Niall, we have to act the part."

"I'll do it when there are more cameras," I said.  

She rolled her eyes and sighed.  

We piled into the black van.

"No limo?" They asked.

"We are going to a movie and then a restaurant.  I ain't getting a limo," Harry said.  I laughed.

The models, however, didn't find this funny at all.  

They both rolled their eyes and pulled out their phones.  They took a bunch of pictures.

When I asked what the hell they were doing they replied with, "Taking selfies!"

Major white girls.  Who the heck takes selfies on a date. When they put their phones away Harry and I took out ours and started taking pictures and posing like them. They found this quite annoying, while Harry and I were amused.

Not soon enough we arrived at the movies.  We were going to see 'The Heat'.  Of course me and Harry had already seen it, but we went with the girls' choice.  

There were some fans taking pictures on their phones.  Those, luckily, wouldn't get far on the internet.  

We ducked inside and got food.

"We'll have one large popcorn with butter, two cokes, and a pretzel." I payed the cashier.  

We grabbed the food and headed into the theater. We sat in the back.  I started to get comfortable, had to prepare for the long movie.  

Harry and I insisted that we sit next to each other.  After a lot of convincing and eye rolling they agreed.  Cause I sure as hell wasn't sharing a drink with her.  

During the movie they didn't eat any popcorn.  And they gave their soda to Harry.  Models.  Do they ever let loose and eat some junk? Drink some sugar? I would hate to be a girl model.  They are so worried about everything.  The way this fits.  The way that looks.  Their hair.  Make up.  How many calories they take in.  How much fat they burn.  How certain colors go with their skin tone, eyes, or hair.  Heck, they even worry about how white their teeth are? Like just brush them and you'll be fine!

The movie was just as hilarious as the first time I saw it.  I was so glad I didn't have to sit next to Zoe.  She would probably make me put my arm around her.  And there was no way I was going to do that.  She didn't seem very interested in the movie.  neither did Kara.  I swear one time I saw her pull out her phone and open twitter.  Who the heck does that during a movie.  I went back to the movie.  

When it ended we threw away our trash and walked out.  cameras flashed here and there.  But it didn't look like much but friends hanging out.  We weren't showing any PDA.  Heck, we weren't even walking together.  

WE made our way back to the car.  We drove in complete silence.  It was pretty awkward.  especially since Zoe kept looking at me.  

We arrived at Applebee's.  No flashing cameras.  Just flashing iPhones.  We sat at our reserved table and ordered.  I had coke, fries, and the steak. Harry had root beer, a burger, and curly friens,  Both Kara and Zoe ordered water and salads.  That was it.  They didn't even had a dressing or croutons to their salad.  And no lemon to their water.  Talk about plain and boring.  

"DO you guys ever eat junk food or sugary drinks?" I asked, my mouth full of meat.

"Coffee, duh!" Kara said.

"We get decaf, Kara," Zoe said.  

"Do you choose to do this, or are you forced?" Harry asked.

"We choose," they said and turned back to their salads.

We ate in silence.  

"Next time we go out show some PDA.  Like you actually want to be with us and are interested," Kara said in the car. 

"We'll try," I said.  

Harry and I talked while Kara and Zoe were on their phones.  They were talking about some magazine Zoe was doing a shoot for.  

We arrived at their hotel.

"Walk us back," they demanded. 

We hopped out and walked them back, Harry murmuring something under his breath.  We took them to the elevator.  We awkwardly stood there.  

"Bye," I said and turned away.

"At least hug us goodbye," Kara snapped.  

I walked over and hugged Zoe quick.  She however, kept her amrs around my neck and kissed my cheek.

"Until next time, Blondie," She said.  

I threw up a little in my mouth and walked away.  Thank God that date was over.  I don't think I could handle another one.   



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