You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


29. management

Niall's POV

"Well babe, I gotta go.  Paul wants to talk to us.  I'll talk to you later, love you." I told Skylar over the phone.

"Okay, good luck.  Love you too."

I put my phone in my back pocket, like usual.  I took a deep breath and walked to where Paul was.  HArry was also there, sitting on the bed.  

"What Paul?" I asked.  

"Niall, Harry, I understand that you have both been talking to some girls. "

"Yeah, so?" Harry said.  

"It's not exactly the smartest thing.  I mean they are not helping you get publicity.  Just starting unwanted gossip.  We are losing fans," Paul explained.

"Paul you can't do that.  If they don't like who we talk to then they are not true fans.  It's our choice," I came back.  Harry nodded his head agreeing.  

"Skylar is getting so much hate! Do you not see it? And Harry if the public finds out about this girl you've been texting and your face when you talk to her nothing good is going to come."

"That girl has a name. Grace.  AT least learn her name," Harry said, raising his voice.

"Paul, it's our choice.  We aren't kids.  I love her."

Paul sighed. 

"Well Grace doesn't matter since she's with Harry and those relationships never last long. I'm mainly worried about Niall."

Harry looked offended.  

"Are you saying I'm a player?!" He demanded.

Paul shook his head. "NO, it's just there's been a lot of girls."

"Maybe cause i was looking for a relationship! I can already tell you that Grace us different.  And we're going to last longer," Harry yelled and walked out.  

"I finally get a princess and your trying to ruin it."

"Niall! Listen, we are going to find a famous girl for you.  More publicity. You'll go out a few times, talk, hug, hang out."

"No, Paul! I don't want that.  I want Skylar.  That's it.  I'm not going to go out with that girl, whom you have yet to choose! That's messed up." I walked out of the room and went to where Harry was sitting.  He had his hands in his hair.

"We need to find a way to show management that we can do what we want. Adn we want these girls," I said.  Harry nodded.  

We sat there for awhile just thinking.  Suddenly it came to me

"Harry!" I said excitedly.

"What?" He said looking up.

"I got an idea!"


"That sounds good. But we have to be sneaky," Harry said, approving my plan.  

"Okay, we tell the rest of the lads so they can cover for us.  No body else."


This might just work.  It would definitely show management.  I couldn't wait a few days.  


Louis' POV

When they told me their plan I thought it was outrageous.  BUt then I realized that I would do the same thing for Eleanor.  

I guess when you're in love you do crazy things.  

All the lads agreed.  It took Liam the longest though.  

"What if you get caught?" He asked.

"We get caught!" Niall said, shrugging his shoulders.  

"Then what?"

"We get in trouble," Harry said.  

"Yeah, you get in trouble," Liam said.

"What are they going to do? Yell at us? IT's not like they can stop the tour," Niall said.  Liam thought about it for awhile.  It did make perfect sense.  They couldn't just stop in the middle of a tour cause Niall and Harry got in trouble.  IT's not that big of deal.

"Fine, but don't come crying to me when you get in trouble."

"Yay!" Niall said and latched onto Liam's neck.  

He laughed and hugged the Irish boy back.  We all joined in for a group hug.  


Someone farted. 

"Niall!" Liam scolded. 

"Sorry," Niall said, breaking up the hug.  

I walked over and opened a window and turned a fan on, trying to rid the place of the awful smell.  Geesh Niall what have you been eating.  


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